How to Create and Name a Group Text on iPhone

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want to start a group text message on

your iPhone but not sure how to if you'd

like to learn how to send the same

message to multiple people all at once

you're in the right place I'm Jessica

from Tech Boomers comm in today's video

we'll be showing you how to create and

name a group text message on your iPhone

now let's get started

first let's cover how to create a group

and send a group text message tap

messages on your home screen then tap

this icon in the top right corner of

your screen to begin a new conversation

next at the top of your screen type in

the contact information of the people

you want to include in your group if the

person is saved to your contact list you

can type in their name if their contact

info isn't saved in your device type in

their phone number now you can type in

what you'd like to say tap the text box

above your keyboard and type in whatever

you'd like to say to everyone you added

to your text message group finally tap

the arrow button to send your message


next let's go over how you can add a

name to your texting group from your

messages screen tap the group message

you'd like to name then tap the I button

in the top right corner on the next

screen top where it says enter a group

name and type in what you'd like to name

your group when you're finished tap done

keep in mind that this name is visible

to everyone you've included in your

group so be sure to choose a name

everyone in the group will be okay with

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