How to Create and Name Group Chat on iPhone

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Hey everyone. In today's video, I wanted to show you how you could create a group message on your iPhone

and then name that group message

so you could separate it from other group messages. The very first thing is we want to go to setting.

You want to scroll down to messages here and under messages, you want to scroll down and make sure a group

messaging is turned on. If this is not turned on, you cannot create group messages. Turn that on. By default, it should be on.

Now let's tap the messages and here on your messages,

these are all your text messages, you want to click the icon on the top right here, and that will start a new message.

So just like messaging one person, the only difference is, you want to put in couple people's name.

So you could add multiple people here, you could type in a number if they're not on your contact,

or you could press the plus sign here.

And that will bring up your entire contact list where you could just add people that way.

So just like that, I've added four people, so you could add more people than that and then you could send a message just like that.

And then press send right here

and that has send it to that group that includes four people. Now if I press I,

right on top, I could then name that group by pressing here, and then name that group here.

And then press done and then that name will show up on that group chat.

Now everyone is gonna be able to see that name, so make sure you choose a name that everyone is okay with.

And that's all it takes to create a group chat and name that group chat on iPhone. I hope you found this video useful.

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