Names of 3D Shapes

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vo we're going to look at some 3d ships

we're going to get the common ones you

may be asked about in your mom's exams

so first of all let's set up of this

orange ship it's a cube and thanks it

would be a type of cube it's get six

square faces the tops are square the

bottoms are square the right-hand side

square the left-hand side the front and

the back they're all squares it's got it

vertices vertices is another word for

corners so let's get 8 corners 1 2 3 4

the top 1 2 3 4 in the bottom and let's

get 12 edges edges of the lines that

join the vertices so it's got 1 2 3 4

edges on the top 1 2 3 4 vertical edges

and 1 2 3 4 edges along the bottom so

this is a cube its width it's definite

slight would all be the same value so

for instance if it is 5 centimeters wide

be 5 centimeters deep and 5 centimeters

high the next ship the next shape here

we've got a cuboid so this is a cube

board it again has got 6 faces and some

of them may be squares but the rest of

them are going to be rectangles so

normally it's got six rectangular faces

but it may include some squares but not

all of them typical cuboids maybe cereal

boxes wardrobe staff HEPA thing again

it's got 6 faces it's got it vertices

air quality of vertices form the top

form the bottom and it has good 12 edges

as well so that's a cuboid next we've

got a sphere it Sofia would be a typical

episode of spheres would be footballs

tennis balls hockey balls that type of

thing maybe even a globe or global basis

fear and such a sphere next we've got a

cone a cone a typical cone or pear

suppose an ice-cream cone would be a

typical shape which is a cone and it's

good a circle on the bottom and it comes

up to an air pecks at the top next a

square based pyramid square based

pyramid it's got a square at the bottom

and it's got four triangles that all

come together meet at the top so that

will be a square base pyramid

it's apricot square based pyramid maybe

the pyramids in Egypt next a cylinder so

a cylinder typical cylinder maybe

something like a Pringle car or some

sort of oil drum so it would be a

cylinder and it's good to circles one on

the top one on the bottom and it's

curved around okay so that's a cylinder

next a triangular prism it's a

triangular prism it's called a prison

because it's the same shape the whole

way through its cross-section is

constant it's always a triangle if you

could have done any vertical direction

here you'd have a triangular shape so

it's called triangular prism and typical

triangular prisms maybe a tenth to a

Bruin bar which a lot of people talk

about so that would be a triangular

prism and finally we've got here a

pentagonal prism a pentagonal prism is

called a prism again because if you cut

it anywhere any place vertically in this

case you're going to get our Pentagon

ship the whole way through

it's called pentagonal because it's

going to pentagon at the front and the

back and and it's got a Pentagon the

front on the back and then the rest of

the sides then we'll be rectangles in

this video we've just confused some of

the names of the 3d ships if you want to

find out more particularly by edges

vertices and faces look at that video

and corporate mass comm