How to attach wood to a concrete floor IN SECONDS! How to attach 2x4 wood to concrete floor fast!

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now maybe you're thinking about redoing

your basement maybe you're gonna put up

a couple rooms you're gonna throw a

bathroom maybe a living area maybe an


i mean do what you want it's your house

not my business that's what i'm doing in

my basement i am building a youtube

studio where i can record and do all

kinds of things and not have to worry

about noise i want my own

area now this is all pretty easy if you

have an idea of how to frame the problem

is how do i secure the wood

to the concrete floor well there's a

couple different ways of doing it the

first method is

tap cons me personally i'm not a big fan

of tap cons

if you don't drill down far enough well

they're sticking out and you have to