Hardwood Floor Installation (Nail Down) Like a PRO!

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hey there I'm Tyler and welcome to the

channel today I'm going to show you

everything you need to know to install

hardwood flooring in case you wanted to

know a little bit more about this

particular hardwood floor this is - in

the quarter inches wide are you on there

yeah be quiet this is two and a quarter

inches wide 3/4 of an inch thick it is a

wire brushed matte finish in dark sugar

you don't actually need any specialized

tools to do hardwood flooring but having

a flooring nailer will make it go a lot

quicker if you don't have one you can

use a finish or a framing nailer but

you'll have to go slower and be much

more careful what you do need is some

underlayment you can use roofing felt or

tar paper I've used that with great

success or you can purchase something

like this that is a little bit thicker