How to Install Window Trim

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if you've ever been frustrated with

trimming a window you know the problems

bad miters getting trimmed the right

length and miters that open up after

time before you try it again let me show

you a foolproof system that'll work for

you every single time believe it or not

you don't even need a tape measure but

you will need a miter saw and a brad

nailer along with two sizes of Brad's

one inch for pinning corners and into

the jamb and two and a quarter inch ones

for nailing the thicker part of the trim

through the drywall start by making

marks 3/16 of an inch from each corner

you'll use these for establishing the

reveal that's the space between the jamb

and the trim cut a 45 degree miter on

one end of the trim then hold it up to

the window lining up the miter with the