How To Install Soffit And Fascia

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hiya Shannon here from the house

improvements comm and I'm just today

gonna show you a quick video on doing

installing aluminum soffit and facia so

today we're installing a three panel of

white fascia aluminum on this new

edition here and I'm gonna show you how

to level across get your J channel which

is the track against the house that

holds the soffit up how to get it all in

position screw it on we're gonna throw

in a few panels of soffit and then I'm

also gonna show you how to do the fascia

so soffit is the panel that goes

underneath your Eve of your house and

the fascia is the l-shaped panel that

goes you know along where your Eve

trough is on the on the vertical edge

okay so i've already got some of this

done but i'm gonna explain to you

exactly how i did it