Underlayment Installation Video

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thank you for choosing sure apply a

premium birch plywood underlayment from

the patriot timber family of panel

products the patriot timber family of

panel products includes sure ply iron

ply and revolution ply sure ply premium

underlayment is an approved underlayment

for use under vinyl BCT carpet

engineered floors and wood floors please

follow these steps which are available

at sure ply com to ensure a successful

Shore ply underlayment installation

before you begin your shirt ply premium

underlayment installation allow all

materials to acclimate to the home

environment of approximately 70 degrees

Fahrenheit for 24 to 48 hours prior to

installation store all underlayment

panels on their eight-foot edge we

recommend you perform the flexin look

test check for any irregularities prior

to installing the underlayment first

stand the panel on its 4-foot edge grip

the top of the panel with your right

hand and place your left palm against

the face of the panel pull down with

your right hand while pressing forward

with your left palm thoroughly inspect

the entire panel surface for

imperfections such as creases or bubbles

that may affect the usability of the

panel set aside and do not use any

panels with these imperfections or any

panels that do not appear sound remove

any wax dirt or debris before starting

your installation make sure the original

subfloor or existing floor to be covered

is clean dry and level now you are ready

to install your sure ply premium

underlayment panels the nailing pattern

on the panel should be face-up starting

at one corner of the room arrange the

panel's perpendicular to the floor

joists position the sure ply

underlayment about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from

the walls to allow for expansion offset

and stagger the underlayment panels to

ensure sub floor seams and panel corners

do not directly line up with each other

there are two methods for installing the

shirt ply premium underlayment the first

method and our preference for all sure

ply installations is to install the

panel's without an expansion joint and

without a seam filler

we recommend you use this method for

installation under vinyl vinyl composite


luxury vinyl tile carpet engineered

flooring and wood floors for a sure ply

installation without an expansion joint

lightly but the panels together without

applying any pressure so they barely

touch at the joints the second method is

to install the sure ply with an

expansion joint and using a seam filler

if you choose to install the short fly

with a seam filler leave a 5/64 inch gap

approximately the thickness of a nickel

between each panel then fill the seams

according to the seam filler

manufacturer's instructions do not use

any adhesive to attach the Shore ply

panel to the subfloor fasten the sure

ply underlayment panels with staples or


we recommend either double coated chisel

point staples with a maximum one quarter

inch crown or coated ring shank

underlayment nails with a 3/16 inch

diameter head choose a fastener length

that does not penetrate the combined

thickness of the underlayment and the

subfloor it is critical to adjust the

drive depth or air pressure of your

staple or nail gun to avoid over driving

or blow through of the selected fastener

this means do not shoot the fastener

completely through the underlayment

starting from the corner of the room

remember to leave an eighth to a quarter

inch expansion joint between the panel

and the wall stand on each panel during

fastening to ensure full contact with

the subfloor fasten the 8-foot edge two

inches on Center and a half inch from

the panel edge return to the starting

corner and fasten the 4-foot edge two

inches on center half an inch from the

panel edge return to the starting corner

and fasten the diagonal four inches on

center and in every X diagonally across

the panel return and fill in the field

working diagonally across the panel

placing a fastener in every X fasten the

remaining 4-foot edge at two inches on

center and 1/2 inch from the edge of the

panel complete the panel installation by

fastening the remaining 8-foot edge at

two inches on center

1/2 inch from the panel edge repeat

these steps for each panel you install

in most flooring installations you will

have to cut the short fly to fit your

flooring layout make sure your cuts are

straight clean and square we recommend

when possible that factory edges be

butted together at the seams and hand

cut edges be placed against the walls

if you chose to install the sure ply

underlayment with an expansion joint

under vinyl vinyl composite tile or

luxury vinyl tile you should use seam

filler be sure to follow the seam filler

manufacturer's instructions apply the

seam filler and allow it to completely

dry sand all joints with a belt or floor

sander until level and smooth and

sanding is not sufficient and feathering

is not accepted

do not over sand the joints when

complete the seam filler must be flush

with the edges of the underlayment

thoroughly vacuum and clean the entire

area before installing the floor

covering congratulations you have

completed the installation of the Shore

ply premium underlayment a final word of

caution in our 50-plus years of

experience the majority of underlayment

flooring failures are due to

telegraphing seams and fastener blow

through telegraphing seams and fastener

blow through are always the result of

incorrect installation they are not

caused by panel failure there are many

factors that can cause telegraphing

seams the most common are incorrect use

of the seam filler not sanding the seam

filler smooth and even with the plywood

underlayment panels being butted too

tightly together panels not properly

acclimated to high moisture content in

flooring environment and uneven sub

floors fastener blow through is caused

by not properly adjusting the drive

depth or air pressure in your staple or

nail gun which can result in shooting

the fastener completely through the

underlayment we hope that these

instructions will help you complete a

successful installation of Shore ply

premium underlayment please visit sure

ply com to view our detailed

installation instructions and our full

apply warranty if you have any questions

or comments please do not hesitate to

contact us at 877 Shore ply or email

sure fly at Patriot timber Calm