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hi i'm bob schmidt with

homeremodelworkshop so you decided

you're going to put up a little bit of

trim there's some basic information you

need to know about nailing via toe mold

baseboard chair rail or door casing

this is the profile of a typical

baseboard and door casing what you want

to use is you want to use a six penny

nail for driving the baseboard in and

driving the thick side of the door

casing in because you're going to have

to go through drywall or plaster which

that has no holding power you want the

nail to be long enough to go into the

wood stud but you don't you don't want

to nail anything bigger than what you

have to on a door casing where this side

of the casing actually comes against the

door and you're nailing right into wood

you want to use a smaller nail this is a