How to Do Blind Nailing

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hi everybody I'm Leah of CJ drone they

gotta tell you

there's more than one way to drive an L

and today's video is going to be about

just that blind nailing and it's a

technique to nail something you never

see there now this is what's called pine

tongue and groove and it's supposed to

be blind nail this has already been

nailed together and if you notice you

can't see any nail because we use that

technique that I'm going to show you the

day called blind nail a let's get

started what I have here is I have two

pieces of tongue and groove okay so

what's meant by tongue and groove is on

the end you have a tongue here and then

you have a corresponding groove in the

two pieces fit together like so tongue

and groove you've probably seen us many

times before with hardwood floors that's

blind nailed a beadboard a blind nail so

what you do is you just keep building on

right but you still have to secure it to

the floor the ceiling on the wall I'm

going to show you how to do that

okay so there's our tongue right there

now what you want to do is you want to

place your nail right above the tongue

just like that and you want to come in

and an angle okay so here we go now this

is where you want to take time okay the

closer you get to the tongue here the

more time you want to take and I'll

explain a second okay now we're close

why do we want to have such care and

take our time because the last thing in

the world you want to do is hit the

tongue you want to keep your eye on the

nail hit that nail head because if you

hit the tongue you're going to bend it

out of shape you're going to have a heck

of a time trying to get the tongue to

fit into the groove

I've driven this you know as far as I

can without taking the risk of damaging

the tongue right now I'm going to use

this tool here on what it's called as a

nail set and what it does is it allows

me to strike the head of the nail

without damaging the wood this tool

allows you to bury the head of the nail

it's got to be buried because if you

don't that it's going to interfere with

the tongue sliding into the groove okay

that's perfect that's below the woods

surface so what you would do is you

would continue the nailing process down

the length of the board making certain

that you know you bury that now with

that Nelson so it doesn't interfere then

you take your next piece your groove

side and you slide it right in slide it

into place I have a tab with a piece of

did you see what I just did to get a

nice tight fit now as you notice you

can't see that nail anywhere and that's

what they call blind nailing and so what

you would do is then you would take the

next piece right you nail and then you

would install that piece and then you

just continue on and on and on and

that's where you get your for your

beadboard or whatever it is that you're

doing your blind nailing and nobody can

ever see the nails so that's it

pretty simple huh took out some of the

mystery so when you walk into a room and

you see a wooden floor now you'll know

hey that's been blind nailed this is

Leah say you can do this see you next