Second Job Interview: 3 Tips to Get Hired

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Hey everyone.

It's Andy with this week's Tips For work and life.

Today, we're gonna talk about the second job interview.

You know the one.

They loved you so much the first time, they invited you back.

We're gonna talk about that.

I'm gonna give you three great tips and these three tips are the exact same tips I gave

one of my intervention course students, Hannah.

She used them to get the job on her second interview.

Hannah, if you're watching, shout out to you.

Hope you're enjoying the new job.

For the rest of you, I want you to know the second interviews are not much different tactically

in the techniques that I would use than the first interviews.

All of those other videos I've created on job interviews tactics, those apply, plus

if you haven't seen it, my free webinar, "3 Keys to Ace Any Job Interview," will teach

you how to answer and ask questions in a job interview.

I would check all that out.

It's great foundational stuff.

You want to use all those same tactics, but in the second round, second job interview,

this is about building a deeper connection, a deeper relationship, building more chemistry

with the entire company.

It is about getting them to imagine you as part of the team.

What will their life be like?

You almost want them feeling as though you're part of the team, so how do you do that, so

let's go into those three tips.

Sometimes when you're invited back, you are speaking with the same people that you spoke

with the first time, sometimes not, sometimes they're new people, sometimes there's a mixture,

but use these tactics across, just apply whatever is appropriate based on who you're speaking


The first technique that I would use is when you are speaking with somebody that you have

previously spoken to, whether on the phone or in an interview, what I want you to do

is I want you to use a technique I call "ask again," something that you and they have already

talked about.

What I want you to do is on the second round, say to them, "You know, last time we were

here, you mentioned," and then just talk about whatever it was, "and it really stuck with


I thought more about it and I wanted to talk a little bit more about that.

Could you elaborate on ..." Then insert whatever additional areas you want to investigate and

then start a deeper discussion on something you've already spoken about.

Having more conversation around something that both of you find very, very important

builds a deeper relationship.

It's really important to take some of the areas that you spoke about and drill down.

Having that great dialogue is really, really gonna help you build a relationship with that

person, if you have the opportunity to speak with that person again.

That's one tactic.

The second tactic is, I want you to make sure that you are asking new questions.

If you are speaking with somebody who you've already spoken with previously, you want to

make sure that you're asking him or her a new batch of questions, as well.

If you're speaking with people you haven't spoke with, just make sure you have lots and

lots of great questions.

If you're not sure how are you gonna get those questions, go to my free webinar that I mentioned

earlier, 3 Keys to Ace Any Job Interview.

Everybody who attends that webinar gets a free eBook called "How to Interview the Employer,

75 Great Questions to Ask Before You Take Any Job."

You will never run out of any questions, but you want to make sure that you have more additional

questions because what that shows is you are well-researched and you are very, very interested

in investigating this company further and that you're doing it in a smart way.

The third tip is you want to make sure that you're being inclusive of other people.

By that I mean, you're making sure that you're referencing conversations you've had with

others in the organization.

You can even use this in the first round of interviews.

Whether you're speaking with somebody you previously spoken with, or you're speaking

with new people, one the best tactics you can use is to refer to what you and someone

spoke about and then ask for their opinion.

For example, "Hey, you know, I talked with Susie the other day and she mentioned this.

I love that, I would love to get your insight on that and I was wondering if you could elaborate

that and how you feel about that."

What you want to do then is look at who you're speaking with.

Is this a subordinate of Susie's, is it a peer, is it a superior, and then just angle

the trajectory of your questioning and take it in the direction of that particular individual.

What you're doing is you're showing them that, not only did you enjoy speaking with with

Susie and you found what she said delightful, but you also want their opinion, so you value

their opinion and you're appearing as though you're a team player.

As you start to reference others in the organization in a sincere way, that will make them already

feel like you are part of the team.

What that also does is it gives you an opportunity to make sure that there is a level of consistency

across their responses.

Are they all on the same page.

It's a nice little bonus from that question, but I really gets them to feel as though you

are part of the team when you start to include other people's names and refer to what it

is that you spoke about with them in a positive light.

There you have it.

Three little techniques.

You want to ask things again, you want to make sure that you dig in a little deeper.

You want to ask more questions to show that you are very well-researched and you want

to be very inclusive of others in the organization in your dialogue to show that you're a team

player and to gather some insight to make sure that you're getting consistent answers.

Hope you enjoyed these tricks.

Definitely check out my free webinar, "3 Keys to Ace Any Job Interview."

It'll teach you an awful lot about how to answer and ask questions in a job interview.

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Until next week.

Have a great one.