How to Nail Into a Wall for Hanging Pictures (SAFELY!) | Stay at Home Mum

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and started home um we often get asked

how to hang a picture you could use a

hardware store bought picture hanger but

you can spend ten bucks on that we're

going to use a nail a nail cost

virtually nothing and gets the job done

just as well first step in hanging a

picture is finding a stud in the wall to

hammer the nail into you can go to the

hardware store and buy a stud finder but

all that does is find me you can knock

on the wall and you can hear by the

sound with studies this wall is MDF site

sounds a little bit different to a

normal chip rock wall but the principle

is exactly the same just knock on your

here so once you find your stud get your

tape measure out measure the height that

you up a nail in that your trusty hammer

and knock the nail into the wall now if

you found the stud correctly it will be

very firm to knock in if you've missed

don't fret just pull the nail out I just

move it to the other side have another

go until you find the stud you'll

eventually find it bigger picture if you