How to : Roofing - Where and How to Nail a Shingle

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good morning their friends and neighbors

Bobby here today hey folks on you know

as many videos that I've made on roofing

I don't believe I've ever made a video

about how to nail a single down where to

nail it and the importance of it okay so

I'm going to show you we've got this one

this shingle right here laid in place

it's not nailed down I'm going to show

you here real quick where's nail it okay

we want to put four nails and we're

going to show you a for nailing system

then we'll show you a six nailing system

right here above your tabs there your

lines where they were your tabs break

put a nail right on the tar line okay

on the on the next one right here above

the little break and on the tar lines

okay and then on each end of the shingle

about you know 3/4 of an inch to an inch

back right on the tar line okay same

thing over here and that right there is

what we call a for nailing system okay

and you'll use that on three tabs you'll

also use it on your architect style

shingles also now let me show you the

importance of nailing on the car line if

you notice right over here you'll see

the shingle that is laid underneath the

shingle and you can see that the nail

that you just nailed in there is

actually holding the single underneath

it that's very important if you high

nail your roof and what I mean by high

nailing is if you're always nailing

above the tar line you'll never hit that

shingle and you'll have a witness roof

that will be more susceptible to wind

damage I mean I've seen shingles blow

off matter of fact I saw a guy's video

here on YouTube of a house that they had

done a architect style shingle on it

and the whole roof was high nailed and a

windstorm come by and just start blowing

shingles off of the roof and the guy was

up there taking off all those shingles

and you could just grab and pull up you

know probably 15 20 singles at a time so

very important to nail in the proper

place now real quick if I can I let's

play another single right up here on my

next row if I can get it lined up with

one hand and I'm going to show you a six

nailing system which is actually

recommended for like a barn style roof

so let's do that right quick house I'll

explain that a little bit later go in

tap tack it on the ends and right here

above your tabs here you want to put one

just a little bit to the right and a

little bit to the left same thing on

this break right here a little bit to

the right a little bit to the left and

right here on the end now the six nail

system is actually recommended on a

really high steep roof like a like a

barn or something where it comes down on

the sides you would want to actually

have those nailed on with a six nailing

system okay but make sure you're always

on the Thar line that's the most

important thing also make sure if you're

using a pneumatic gun like I am that

your pressure is set correctly to where

the nails aren't tearing right through

the shingles make sure the heads are

nice and flush and keep an eye on that

too because if you shoot the nail all

the way through the shingle shingles

aren't going to stay on the roof very

good folks thank you for watching the

video today and I hope everybody has a

great day and we will see you next time

take care