How to Easily Felt a Shed Roof The Right Way- DIY

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hello guys and welcome in this video

I'll be showing you how I reef lted my

shed roof now I don't have any

particular skills in doing this job but

I didn't find it too difficult at all

so if you have a shed roof that needs

doing hopefully this video will give you

the confidence to do it yourself do a

good job of it and even save money along

the way right then even though these

sheds only a few years old you can see

that the felt is absolutely ruined the

nails are popping out there's leaks all

over the place inside there's moss on

the sides and all the wood around the

edge of the roof

has just totally started to rot away and

fall off I really don't understand why

shed company still insist on using this

rubbish rubish felt on their shed roof