installing Quarter Round (Shoe) in the game room

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wait how about this all right so today

what I'm going to do I am motivated to

continue installing the rest of the shoe

that I currently have into the game room

this piece will take care of it so I'm

gonna go measure really quick at 80

inches let's see what if this is even


oh that's just that's just off by a half

an inch yes to save this is a tad bit

short but to save on material I'm

actually gonna use this I could walk

this back up because I'm not sliding it


let's see how it is yes yeah that's

that's a little bad I might not be able

to use these pieces in this spot see

this will fit on this side but why not

here - well 80 inches 80 inches I love

this stand this stand is it's awesome

this makes this so much easier because