Quarter Round install

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hi guys welcome back today we're looking

at my baseboards what I have done

several years ago as I came in and I

installed this nice six inch tall

baseboard and I painted it but over time

it's had some wear and tear I'm now in

the process of remodeling the dining

room in the kitchen and I wanted to just

put a fresh coat of paint on this

baseboard and then because I've put down

this new flooring a few days ago I want

to cover the gap so it's a perfect time

to use some quote around board to cover

up the gap and then also add a depth and

nice dimension to this existing design

on the six-inch molding so went to the

box store that's 1/4 inch around 39

cents a foot and brought home so now

what's hard about that is that they sell

the lint to the cord around and very

long pieces most rooms you have in your

house like a living room or a kitchen

really don't exceed 12 feet so I cut off

12 feet sections I got about five of

them 60 feet in total thorough nonsenses

foot wasn't too bad so also got what

they recommend for this particular board

which is 8d finishing nails right at two

and a half inch this box is about three

dollars further I guess about two let's

see what the number of nails is in this

it's a bunch 166 it's not bad I also

picked up some liquid nails

of course got my hammer already and I

got some wood filler what happens is and

what makes it molding really attractive

is not only the fact that when you paint

this as you see I have my tape there I

used a white brilliant some sort of semi

brewing it paint which is basically one

step down from gloss because most paint

you put on the wall is somewhat flat

nature by having a nice glossy finish on

your baseboards it really makes them pop

alright and makes the house look very

new and all it took was a little bit of


now and so on the quarter on board can

be challenging but the trick is is can

we make the nails disappear once we set

that set them in and that's what this

little tool comes into play we're going

to use the snail set by placing it on

the nail and tapping it from the head of

the nail goes beneath the quote around

surface and then we simply go in with

some wood filler and cover the hole up

now a little trick and what I've done is

that this quarter on board once our

right at home before you even cut it I

went ahead and painted it outside all

the boards that I've brought home very

very quick very easy I just want to make

sure each one make sure you don't have a

lot of paint dripping behind it because

it might affect how it adheres and sits

against the baseboard that's existing

there already once they dry

I made my cuts brought them in made my

45-degree cuts as needed and now I've

set a couple of holes or a couple of

nails and already but I want to show you

the process I pre-drill my holes I don't

have a fancy nail gun and even with nail

guns there is a risk of splitting the

board the fact of the matter is even

though they recommend it for the board

this 8d two and a half inch nail is

quite large to go through such a small

board already have some time invested in

this board I painted it I've cut it of

course I bought it so to have a nice big

crack happen midway through the install

we're definitely centre-back some time

and also some money so I want to avoid

doing that by taking a drill bit a

little bit thinner in diameter than the

nail that I'm going to use and will give

me that reduce reduced risk of splitting

the board so I'm going to zoom in for

you guys and I'll show you what I did at

this from this point forward alright so

I want to take my drill bit I place it

about midway between the two points that

way I'm going to the

portion of the board I hope my drill

about a 45-degree angle and I start my

hole as I'm pulling the drill out i

brace it with my other hand pull out now

I'm ready for my nail place an L in

small taps now listen this isn't

training alright I'm going to take giant

swings with this hammer I'm going to

keep my hand still I may use my wrist

now felt the nail go through everything

when you hit that bottom plate you read

a really good pull so I don't want to

take my hammer and make a circle on this

so stop your hammering so you have maybe

an 8-foot inch of the nail head out now

I'm going to take this awesome tool now

in the now itself they designed them so

there's a small little indentation that

the tip of the Snell set simply fits

into take my hammer

as tricky is trying to avoid having the

tip of this cut off I started digging

into your board because that can

definitely ruin your day now the


I'm taking with my finger to make sure

it's beneath the top surface of the

board I'm going to take some of the

filler and just use my finger to

somewhat smash this in now I will be

going back through with a hundred and

eighty grit sandpaper block to smooth

this out so it's always better to put a

little more so my surface will be higher

there's nothing worse than having to go

back through and put another coat of

this on now this stuff it's very hard

pretty quickly about an hour to be ready

to set so I apply as I go that way when

I'm ready to sand I put my second coat

of paint on I'm good to go

alright guys so as you can see the this

is the the wood filler wood putty that

has been now hardened and I'm going to

take model I had 180 grit sanding block

and simply just take off the rough edges

on that

alright guys so this is my final product

I finished putting down the quarter

round painting it sealing it and I just

took the tape off I'm very happy with

the results as you can see for a non

professional I'm pretty happy with with

what the final product is I am going to

come over and show you this little bit

of a corner here I do have a little bit

of cleanup that I have to do on the

floor just a tad

as you can see there at the bottom but

that joint there came out very nice that

painted just drawn that nail hole but

from the previous videos you can see now

along the baseboard you cannot see any

of the nail holes that were there before

and there you go little bit of paint

there I got to clean up I'm planning on

taking a razor blade and just really

lightly scraping it's a latex paint and

it comes very easy off of this this

floor so that's it guys

there's the previous product and there's

the new again before and after alright

guys thanks so much talk to you soon