PVC TRIM VS. WOOD TRIM? (Pros And Cons!)

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hey everybody I'm Ethan James with the

onyx carpenter calm I get a lot of

questions from my clients about PVC trim

versus wood trim what are the pros and

cons of each so I wanted to make a video

to clear up some of the mystery

surrounding this topic but I'm really

gonna focus on PVC trim because it seems

to cause the most confusion for

homeowners I think the reason for this

is because when you say PVC people

pretty much always envision this stuff

PVC pipe what we use almost universally

for plumbing drain lines what they don't

realize is that PVC has become a for

more versatile product these days it's

getting massively distributed compared

to where it was even just two years ago

it's overtaking many other products

where trim and casings are concerned so

I'm gonna answer a lot of PVC questions