Quick Tips: Working With Plywood

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hey I'm Bob from I like to make stuff

today on this quick tip we're going to

talk about plywood plywood sounds kind

of boring right well it's a great

material that can be used for all sorts

of different things from construction

all the way up to furniture making now

the reason that works is because there

are multiple grades of plywood the

plywood that you use for construction is

a lower grade it often has fewer plies

and sometimes has voids within the wood

itself this is perfectly fine if you're

using it for a subfloor or to cover a

roof if you're wanting to use plywood

for furniture you're going to have to

use a higher grade which will be more

expensive higher grade plywood usually

have more plies that are thinner and are

usually faced on the outside with a hard

wood like oak birch for walnut nice ply

woods can get pretty expensive but it's

a lot cheaper than buying solid wood at

the same size now if you have nice

plywood and you want it to look like

solid wood you can apply an edge banding

to it this is a thin veneer with an

adhesive back you can attach it using a

regular iron and then use a sharp knife

to trim off the excess use a sanding

block to smooth it out and you get

pretty good results a more precise way

to do it would be to use a router with a

flush trim bit to cut it off then again

smooth it out with a sanding block in

more modern furniture designs instead of

hiding the fact that it's plywood people

often accentuate it in an upcoming

project I'll show you how to take

multiple pieces of plywood sandwich them

together and use a finish to accentuate

the fact that it's plywood you can use

the layers as a design element rather

than trying to hide them so keep an eye

out for that upcoming project as well as

more quick tips