How To Fasten Wood To Concrete

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hi Shannon here from host improvements

comm today I'm going to show you how to

attach wood basically to concrete so you

know in the case where you're attaching

you know basement walls or some kind of

framing to a concrete pad there's a few

different options I'm going to show you

some different anchors I think I've got

four here four different styles to show

you today and so I'll talk about them a

little bit to start with and then I'll

actually demonstrate installing them so

because they're all going into concrete

you know we'd be fastening something

like this product 2x4 down to concrete

so you're going to need a rotary hammer

drill and you're going to need the

appropriate size masonry bit for that

drill for the size of anchor you're

using so I've got here I'll just get the

bits out of the way I've got here the

different anchors that are more common

this one is about the simplest style

basically it's a metal shank you can see

it's got a little bit of a an arch in

that end there and the idea behind that

is is once you drill through your wood

plate down into the concrete floor then

you hammer this into that spot and this

little bend did not in that shank is

what really friction fits you into the

hole so really simple fairly inexpensive

and does a good job so that's one anchor

another type of anchor is this sleeve

plastic sleeve type type of anchor and

basically same idea you drill through

your wood product down into the concrete

you and you pull the plastic anchor out

the insert I should say hammer it down

into your hole and insert the anchor and

Hammer it in as well

one feature with this particular one is

that if you can see here on the end it

actually has a this one has a Phillips

end on it so the idea behind this is you

could actually unscrew this and remove

that board if you ever had to what I've

found myself using these

a lot of times that doesn't really

happen as easy as it looks but it is

made to function that way if you had to

remove something maybe the odd time or

whatever you might want that type of an

anchor this anchor here a little more

heavy-duty all these come in different

sizes by the way these ones especially I

mean you can get these 1/2 or 3/4 inch

in diameter all different lengths these

these ones here are heavier and would be

more for attaching framing to concrete

like say graduals or shed wall or

something that's going to be very

permanent and you need it very strong

and again a lot like the other anchors

you're going to drill a hole through the

wood into the concrete you're going to

insert this in there with your nut and

washer on it so you insert it and then

you hit this with the hammer and as it

goes down into the hole and bottoms out

in the bottom of the concrete hole what

it does is actually pushes this wedge

against this collar that's here which

makes it all expand and that gives it

the friction that it needs to not pull

out and then you simply take a wrench or

ratchet or whatever tighten this nut

down to hold your plate snug - to the

surface so that's that style again those

would be more for a heavier application

more on a little bit lighter duty side

we've got this product here same same

idea these ones are a little short

obviously for attaching this but you can

get them longer and same idea you drill

your hole through there this one's got

either a nut driver type head or a screw

driver head so then you use your you

know cordless drill or whatever and

attach it right into the concrete

they're kind of a hardened hardened

screw pipe thread on there so it just

bites right into the concrete a lot of

people like those I prefer this one for

you know we just basement walls is that

that sort of thing it's just simple it's


the only drawback to this one is it

doesn't pull out very easy if you make a

mistake you pretty much have to cut it

off or break it off so

okay so I'm going to reposition down on

the floor to where I've got a piece of

wall plate in this basement and I'm

going to use a couple three two these

different ones just to show you exactly

how they do function okay so the first

anchor I'm going to use is this real

simple curved shank one and I'm just

going to simply drill a hole and hammer

it in

so we've drilled the hole I kind of

bored it out a little bit to get rid of

any extra dust or particles in there so

you can see that that one we've got it

hammered in got it hammered right down

there nice and tight so we're good now

I'll just change bits and move down to

the next style okay so the next one will

be this one with the plastic sleeve on


so you take the sleeve off just top it

down into the hole insert the metal

screw type anchor same thing we just

hammer it in nice and tight and flush

and that's that one I'm going to change

bits again and go to the next one okay

now we're going to try this one which is

the expanding end on it and we're going

to drill the hole insert it and hammer

it in and then tighten it up

okay so the key on these ones make sure

you've got your washer and you're not

already on there because once you drive

this with your hammer it usually

mushrooms the end of it a bit and you

can't generally get the nut started on

there so always have it on there ahead

of time

I'll show you into the hole there you

can feel it you can hear that it

bottomed out in the hole give it a

couple more wraps like so

so I just snug that down by hand and

I'll just tighten this knot up and it'll

draw the wood rate down nice and tight

and concrete just like that so we've got

our washer rate down it's starting to

compress into the wood we're good and

tight the other style that I have I

don't have a long enough one so there's

no point in showing you because it would

bare leave and go through the wood

basically same idea drill your hole

insert the anchor and then not one you

use a drill or a drill to drive it down

into the concrete so you know there's

four different different ways for

attaching you can also add to any one of

these some adhesive of some kind to the

bottom side I don't think there's too

much more I can say so we showed you

that you can see our other videos on our

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well as many articles and and different

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and thanks for watching