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hey guys welcome back it's sarah

today i want to show you guys the makeup

i did for my passport picture i recently

posted on instagram

and a lot of y'all seem to like the

makeup i did i just spent a lot of time

on it the reason why i really want to go

hard on this passport photo because i've

just had so many

ugly ones that i'm just i'm done

suffering i want to

just look good so as someone who has a

lot of unfortunate

passport pictures that i'm not going to

show here on this video i just want to

show you guys how you can avoid looking

ashy when you're taking a passport photo

and there are a lot of things that i

don't usually do

for my everyday makeup and it's not

really so much about the product

as it is about switching up the

technique oh and before i get into like

the actual look

here's a tip it's technically legal to

bring your own lighting

all right let me tie my hair up so the

first step is

primer now before we start i am the most

preachy person on youtube about

sunscreen but

on this one day you really need to make

sure your sunscreen doesn't have a white


i recommend the milani prime and protect

spf 30 primer

i ran out of mine so i'm just gonna use

the pat mcgrath primer because i'm not

actually going out but if you are just

make sure

you don't have a sunscreen with a white

cast because that's gonna [ __ ] the whole

picture up

also if my face gets a little bit red

while i'm applying makeup that has been

happening because i recently fostered a

cat and i just accepted that i'm

actually allergic to cats that's not

gonna stop me

from having animals but that's just

something that i have to deal with when

i put on makeup or my skincare my face

turns a little red for a short amount of

time but i am willing to make the

sacrifice now for foundation

i'm gonna use the fenty beauty hydrating

foundation as always there's really not

much of a change in the foundation

routine however

if you usually like to go light and

don't like a cakey look it doesn't


no matter how cakey your makeup is the

camera is not going to be able to pick

it up

if it's a photo id so literally if you

have to apply 10 layers of foundation to

cover something just

go ahead while i'm blending this in i

want to give you guys another tip when

you take

the passport photo you have to look

straight directly into the camera so the

symmetry of your face is going to be the

main focus

of the picture you can't do angles like

i take all my selfies like this

because i feel like this side is my best

side but you can't do that in your photo


pictures so something i wanted to do in

my picture is just to make my face look

as symmetrical as possible

and it's kind of hard to pick up on

camera but my face is not

naturally symmetrical at all this side

is a lot smaller than this side i don't

know if you can tell

even in the picture itself you can see a

slight difference in my jawline so the

way that i try to make my face more


is to do a side part instead of a middle

part never ever do

a middle part for your photo id picture

because that's going to emphasize

asymmetry and

if you want to look a little bit more

symmetrical you don't have to if you

don't care but

if you do doing side part and covering

the part of your face that is a little

bit bigger than the other side

is going to make a huge difference i

mean i got so many comments saying that

my face looked really symmetrical

in that picture and my face really isn't

it's the trickery

for my under eyes i'm going to use the

dragon beauty color corrector

in dragon fire i'm just going to dab a

little bit

right here and the reason why is when

you're doing flash photography

it's pretty easy to see through the kind

of light layer of concealer

that you put on so you need to make sure

the base and your foundation

is covering all of the discoloration

under your eyes or at least under my


just zoom you guys in so you can see now

i'm using the makeup revolution conceal

and define

concealer i feel like taking a passport

photo is the time to do that full

on like super heavy concealer look that

you see a lot on

instagram because there's no such thing

as cake face if the pixels are low

i'm a lot more heavy-handed than usual

which is why

my face looks white okay now i'm gonna

do a little bit of contour i'm just

gonna use my fenty beauty amber

matchsticks like i always do

this is pretty straightforward i do this

when i do my everyday makeup but

one thing is i try to make sure that i

can see a little bit of the contour when

i'm looking directly

in so i know that face shape that i want

is gonna show up on camera when i look



i'm gonna go over it with the beauty

blender this is also the time if you

have a double chin

to just completely hide your double chin

also i'm sorry the

sun keeps coming in and out i'm using

natural lighting next to set my face i'm

going to use

the rcma no color powder this is a

really trusted old youtube favorite

and this is the only powder i trust and

have tested that doesn't have flashback

i'm gonna use this and bake under my

eyes i am not usually someone who likes

to bake because i have dry skin and it

looks really cakey on me

but again cake doesn't matter when

you're doing a

passport photo so i'm literally just

highlighting all the areas that i want

to pop out

so if you want your cheeks to pop out

this is a really great time to try doing

that under eye

baking i also did right here around the


in the center of my forehead so that

those areas pop

and i like to use this method instead of

using like a shimmery highlight for

these areas because

that really doesn't look good on flash

photography you're just gonna look like

a disco ball so while let this sit for a

second i'm just gonna do my brows

your brows are really gonna frame your

face so take your time

and really shape them how you want them

to look

and this is how i like my brows to look

i like a thicker and bolder brow and

that's just

personal preference really and then i'm

gonna use the glossy lash

slick mascara and i'm just going to

set my brows brush all the hairs in


now i'm just going to dust off all that


baking really looks so good on camera i

feel like that's why professional makeup

artists seem to love it and but like

regular people like us

don't like it because it looks really

cakey in real life but on camera

it looks so good now for the eyes i

think you can't

do something crazy for your passport

photo anyway

but what i like to do is really open the


and lift the eyes and you can't see the

detail of the eye makeup anyway because

nobody's gonna see it up close so what i

like to do is just

take a little bit of a warm brown

and apply this just on top of the crease

not in the crease but on top

and i'm gonna apply the shade banter

it's right

here in the outer corners and it's just

gonna be a really neutral look

really just to contour the eyes and lift

this area

and then i'm picking up a lighter shade

like in the buff applying this

all over the lids and now i'm just going

to curl my lashes


and i'm going to tightline my upper lash


i'm just going to blend the tail of the

eyeliner out

you can do an even more dramatic one if

you want this is a time when i would

highly recommend wearing lashes if

you're not typically a falsies girl i

still would really recommend wearing

lashes if you're taking a photo id


because when you're taking a picture

from so far away

even if you have really long luscious

beautiful natural lashes

usually the camera won't be able to pick

it up very much so if you want your

lashes to show up the best way is to


get a pair of falsies and get a pair

that you think really flatters your eye

shape because your lashes is going to

lift your eyes even more than the


and i just applied my lashes that is the

world telling me

[ __ ] you for filming in the living room

i'm gonna use this

new pat mcgrath dark star mascara it is

a lifting mascara

and i'm just going to use it to blend

all the lashes

nothing crazy i actually like the old

pat mcgrath mascara a little bit more so

i'm going to use the fetish eyes mascara

for my bottom lashes

like that nothing crazy for a

highlighter yes i'm still going to use


but i'm not going to apply this all over

i'm only going to focus the shimmer

right here so you can still see a little

bit when you're facing

forward but it's not all over like you

won't look crazy and flash

and i wouldn't do the nose tip just

because that would look

way too shiny but i am gonna do the nose


and i'm actually going to use a little

bit more

contour shape the nose a little bit more

i'm just applying a little bit of

bronzer right here

to shorten the nose for blush you can

really go ham because it takes a lot of

blush for it to really show up on camera


i'm going to apply this just right here

and i'm looking

directly into the camera so i can see

that some of the blush is showing

i usually like to do some blush all

around here

but not today because it doesn't look as


on camera for lips i'm going to use the

new elf retro paradise

lip liner in the shade okay they did not

give me a shade on here

i'll find out though and put in the



i really like this lip liner and i'm

gonna use the

colourpop ultra blotted lip in the shade


okay this usually i would never do when

i'm wearing makeup because i never apply

foundation on top of powder but

well actually no i did that in my last

video but i'm going to put just

a little bit like a third of a pump of

foundation on here and even after just a

third of the pump i might like

kind of dab it a little just to make

sure it's not too much on there and then

i'm gonna go over

everything the cheeks the nose and that

is just going to make sure that

everything is blended because it can

look cakey but if you have a clear

highlight and then blush and then


it that will show up on camera and this

is just going to make sure everything


face tuned and seamless like that

now i already did this look for my

actual photo but i'm gonna test this out

so y'all can see

what it looks like on camera


that's it guys i hope you guys found

this useful if you actually do this

makeup look to take your photo id


please tag me i would love to see it i

hope it all goes well

and yeah stay home stay safe while

you're at home you can watch all of my

other videos right here

yeah i'll see you next time bye peace