How to Install Wall Paneling : Walls & Paneling

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hello everyone I'm Joshua Clement

flighted contractors and today I'm going

to talk about how to install wall

paneling now for this job you will need

a couple things for this job you will

need paneling nails as close to the

color of the paneling as possible and a

hammer here we have some wainscoting

paneling what we do is we cut it to size

put it up against wall where we want it

to go and find out where our studs are

because we want to go ahead and nail

into the studs that way it holds nice

and tight so we'll take our paneling

nail put it right where the stud is and

since there will be a chair rail going

across this I'm going to keep my nails

across the top up pretty high so put it

right where that stud is and drive it in

then we'll go ahead and nail some into