Easiest Way To Hang Pictures

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easiest way to hang pictures

hi it's AlaskaGranny do have space that you want to

hang a picture or painting but you are not sure exactly how to

decide where to put it and keep it level I'm show you a quick trick

to how to hang a picture so it will be where you want to be

you need three

simple items to hang your pictures you need some gel

are some kind of colored tooth paste you need picture

hangers make sure to notice the weight

requirement on them to make sure they're strong enough to hold up the picture

you're going to hang

and a common hammer I have a collection of three pictures that I'm going to be hanging


and I first laid them out on the floor to see

the arrangement that I wanted and now I have an idea where I want them on the wall

now I'm going to show you the easiest way ever to know where to put your nails

so that you can get them in where you want them I decided

approximately where I wanted the first picture to go

I put a little mark with a pencil

so I can see that it is level and that is where I want it

that doesn't help me know where the nails need to be put in

the hooks aren't level with the top

take your toothpaste

stick these hooks up

take the gel colored toothpaste

put a dab of it right on the tip of the hook or hanger

take your picture

see the hangers are poking up figure out where your marks are

get your picture level

you simply press it against the wall

and the toothpaste leaves a mark

you can see exactly where to put your nail

this is my favorite kind of picture hanger holds up in earthquakes

wind gusts slamming doors and children running through the house

so you get this bracket and then you put a nail

that comes with it right through it and then you hammer that into the wall

and then the hook is secure because it has this

extra it keeps it from falling off

and then it has the hook at the bottom which keeps it hung on there securely

they might sway around but they don't fall off

find your first mark

put your bracket against with a nail sticking out

and then hammer it in and repeat with the next one

now hang your picture

take the little hooks and slide them

over your hanging apparatus

I have two more pictures so I am going to do the same thing

put a dab of toothpaste right on the back

right on the tip of the hook and I'm going to hold it up and press it against the wall

already put a little mark where I want the center of the picture so I am going to hold it

right around there and press it

and I can see the toothpaste where the nail will go

so I'll take my bracket put it

right there now take a nail

slide it into the bracket and hammer it in

wipe off the toothpaste

slip this over the hook and my picture

is right where I wanted it I am going to repeat that with the third picture as well

dab of toothpaste

press it against the wall

hold the bracket

right up to the dot

hammer it in

hook my picture right on to the bracket

I have all three of my paintings exactly where I want them

and they are ready to go in just a few moments

use a dab of toothpaste to help you

secure your picture to the wall make sure you also choose a hanger that holds the

weight of your picture

and fasten it securely so your pictures don't come crashing down

then look I can enjoy my favorite

new pictures helping me to enjoy my home

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