Installing Baseboards With A Finish Nailer-DIY Tutorial

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hey everybody I'm here today to make a

quick video of myself

installing a baseboard with a finish

nailer it's actually a really simple

process and I'm going to show you

exactly how to do it in this video as

you can see right here I had a piece of


and I've already cut it to be the exact

length that I need and I've also already

cut the edges to be my gird on an angle

so I'm just gonna press it up against

the wall like that and what I'm going to

do something to make sure that it is but

it is buttoned up nicely against this

wall over here just like that so as you

can see it is pressed up nicely against

the wall in his butt up against this

wall and I only have a reminder I have a

mitered corner on this side right here

because this is an inside corner and I