DOs & DON'Ts: Ombré Nails | how to do ombré nails with regular polish

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hey guys it's Gavin welcome back to my

channel so today I have the do's and

don'ts of ombre nails and you guys I

seriously love ombre nails I feel like

there's so many different color

combinations that like you get a

different look every time you do them

and honestly they're just fun to do so

I'm gonna be giving you guys the tips

and tricks that I use to get that

flawless ombre nail and yeah let's just

get right into the video so first you're

gonna need some makeup sponges you can

get these from pretty much anywhere they

have them at Target Walgreens CVS

Walmart like a lot of places have them

and I know some people like to use that

little eyeshadow applicator to do their

ombre nails and I just feel like that

makes it harder but you know if it works

for you go ahead so what next it is time

to pick your base color and you guys you

have to use a base color if you try to

ombre it over just a naked nail it's

gonna look bad so for the first example

I'm gonna start out with a white base

and this is what I used for probably

most of my arm right nails it just

really makes your colors show up more

and just really pop and you want to make

sure that base is completely dry because

you don't want the sponge to pull up any

of that base when you go to sponge on

your nail next it's time to pick your

barrier and you guys please use some

kind of barrier because I promise you it

will make your life so much easier so

here you have a few options the first

one is this mani tape that I'm showing

you guys right here this is my favorite

option because you don't have to wait

for it to dry and it also just fits

perfectly around your nail another

option is liquid latex I don't have a

few link down below that I like and then

if you don't have anything else you can

also use Elmer's glue or scotch tape

those are I mean it's better than

nothing but I would go with the first

two options if you can so once you have

your barrier you are almost ready to

start but first you need to grab some

tape and clean off your sponge you want

to make sure that you don't have a tiny

little piece of hair or string on your

sponge because that's just gonna go

right into your nails so I'm just taking

the tape and putting it on my sponge and

then ripping it back off so next it has

time to pick your colors and you have to

at least pick two um but you could use 3

or 4 or 5 obviously don't use like 10

cuz that's just gonna be a massive but

pick your colors I'm gonna be using gray

and pink because I just like those

colors if you are a beginner try to use

colors that are right next to each other

on the rainbow so for example pink and

purple or green and blue or try to pick


there's that one mixed make another

color so pink and blue make purple and

basically what this is gonna do is make

your blending process a whole lot easier

because they're already gonna kind of

naturally blend together that makes them

X you're going to apply your colors onto

your sponge and you want to make sure

they're not too thin like right here

unless your nails are extremely small

then this is fine but you want it to be

about the length of your nails so if I

tried to use this that would just be a

hot mess and you also want to make sure

your sponge is not too wet you want to

be able to see those little tiny holes

in the sponge and if it is too wet just

wait a little bit and it'll slowly dry

up so now I'm just applying my colors on

the sponge in the right way and I'm just

filling up the whole sponge because one

my nails are long and two I mean you

have a barrier so it doesn't really

matter if it's too big for your nail

so next I'm just gonna take that sponge

and just dab it onto my nail I'm just

bouncing it up and down just to get

those colors onto the nail and as you

can see after that first layer there's

like nothing on my nail which is

perfectly fine you don't want to rush to

get the color on your nail you just want

to slowly build up that color because

that's really gonna make your ombre just

like fade perfectly so after that I'm

just gonna refill my sponge and repeat

this process over and over again and if

I had to pick the most important thing

about doing ombre nails it's to make

sure your nail dries in between each

layer this is like the key to a good

ombre I wait probably like three minutes

I want to say for each layer to dry

which honestly isn't long at all if you

think about it because if you're doing

all 10 of your nails by the time you get

back to that first one and refill your

sponge again it's already dry but if

you're only doing one nail for like an

accent nail just make sure you're taking

your time because you don't want to

sponge over a layer that's not

completely dry and when I'm starting

with a white base I probably refill my

sponge and repeat this process like 4

times on average I want to say it

honestly just depends what type of nail

polish are using how opaque it is and

also I would try to avoid really sheer

nail polish because it will make this

whole process longer so right now I'm

actually cutting off the front part of

my sponge and I'm doing this because

sometimes my sponge starts to get a

little hard while I'm doing my ombre so

this just gives me a fresh start and I

feel like it just makes my ombre look

better overall and I would also

recommend doing this when you're

completely done with your nails just so

you're not wasting sponges that is it

for this

type of ombre nail after that you're

just gonna remove your barrier and then

just do any cleanup that you need to and

honestly there shouldn't be that much so

I'm just using a brush dipped in acetone

I would not use a cotton swab for this

only because you don't want to risk

getting cotton pieces stuck onto your

nail after you just did all that work

and then after that just add your

topcoat and for some reason I didn't

film myself doing that for this example

my bad so here's just a quick example of

what not to do as you can see I didn't

use a barrier so that's gonna be

annoying the clean off later and then

I'm also not waiting for each layer to

dry so the color just isn't building up

and every time I sponge it on it's just

taking off more color and leaving white

gaps so this is what you don't want to

do moving on to the next type of ombre

nails this is probably the easiest way

that I think to do my nails so instead

of starting with that white base I'm

gonna start with the lightest color that

I'm using in that ombre and I feel like

I normally do this when I'm using black

or a really dark colored here I'm gonna

be using maroon and black and you're

pretty much gonna follow the same exact

steps you want to make sure you start

with a dry base pick your barrier clean

off your sponge the only difference I

would say is when you're wiping the

colors on the sponge because you already

have that first color on your nail it's

okay if the black line is a little bit

thinner because you're only focusing on

the tip of your nail if that makes sense

and also because you don't have to build

the color up as much this way is

definitely the fastest another thing you

don't want to do is over sponge your

nail and what I mean by that is

basically you're sponging your nail and

even though it's dry and there's no more

nail polish coming off of it you're

still trying to dab that sponge and you

don't want to do that because basically

little pieces of the sponge will slowly

start coming off and they will get on

your nail and that oh you like can't get

it off without messing up your design so

just be careful with that as soon as you

feel like it's starting to get a little

dry just go ahead and refill it and then

repeat so here's another quick don't

example the sponge is way too wet and

I'm just blending it right on the nail

and it's just it's globbing up it's not

looking good at all and this is just

know you want to do so make sure you're

really letting not an air play into the

sponge so lastly I have one more ombre

example and this time I'm going to be

using a third color and basically I'm

using this third color as a transition

so I'm starting out with a mustard base

and instead of just using

and yellow posh on the sponge I'm also

gonna add an orange polish so basically

by adding a color that leads to your

next color

you're just making your ombre a whole

lot easier to do because it's just gonna

blend easier you can pretty much do this

with any color like let's say you're

doing a blue ombre you could start with

white and then do a light blue and then

do a slightly darker blue and then a

really dark blue and it just helps

everything just blend out perfectly and

yeah I think that's it as always if I

left anything out or if you have more

tips definitely leave them down below in

the comments I hope you guys enjoy this

video and I will be back next Wednesday

with another do's and don'ts so yeah