INTERVIEW TIPS for New and Experienced NURSES

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what's up guys it's nurse Blake here and I just wanted to take a few moments to

share with you tips for a successful interview this is a critical part of

your nursing journey and it's always good to have some things in your back

pocket whenever it comes to interviewing

so I've been in health care since I was 17 years old I've worked as a patient

transporter that was my first job in healthcare it was so much fun being able

to really have a good time with the patients you know race him down the

hallways and I would just go all over the place I had friends throughout the

whole Hospital it was so much fun and then after that I got a job as a

surgical assistant where I helped press the bars and then also clean them up you

know after the procedure was done and then I got a job in the neuro ICU as a

patient care tech I worked along with some of the coolest nurses and it was

really good experience because I was going to nursing school and also

learning so much at the bedside graduated nursing school and then I've

held three nursing jobs since then so I've had my share of interviews at first

I was so nervous but through each and every one I've had I've gotten a lot of

practice and a lot of experience and that's what I wanted to share with you

guys today tips that I've learned failures

successes that I've had in my interviews that will help empower you when you go

in for your next nursery what's start off by being yourself this

is one of the most easiest things to say but one of the hardest things to do