The Shiplap and Nickel Gap review

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hi I'm Greg from water's edge woods and

balmy comer Georgia we're here today to

talk about the difference between

shiplap and nickel gap tongue-and-groove

I've got a few examples here today this

is an example of ship left

there's no tongue-and-groove one board

is made to overlap over the rabbit and

prior board this is an example of a band

song face and white pine we also carry a

radial song face and white pine if

you're looking for that really rustic

look it's made to go together just like

so and then it has to be face nailed to

hold the boards in place this is an

example of a similar product and yellow

time this is a shiplap it has a built in

stop for a nickel get together like so

it also has to be face nails this is

available in addy in great D and better

grade southern yellow pine immediate

will have a few small knots in it this

is an example of another product this is

a nickel gap profile but this is a

tongue and groove the tongue and groove

allows you to hide your nails on the top

of your tongue this product you have to

be careful about your nail placement or

you will see it this goes together and

the board above holds the board below

this is a product that we've engineered

it is a nickel gap tongue and groove


goes together like so the improvements

are a slight bevel on the face which

allows better access for cleaning and

for painting an elongated tongue with

extra meat on the back so that when you

drive your nail you're going through a

half an inch of material instead of

instead of potentially a quarter of an

inch of material it also creates a two

millimeter expansion slot on the bottom

to allow for some movement on the wall

this product is generally made in a seat

and better southern yellow pine in fear

of knots and in usually heartwood it's

great for painting it does require prime

I'm going to show a few different

examples of the installation of

different products we're going start

with the shiplap we've taken all of our

products and free phantoms this is the

display wall the shiplap goes up over

the previous piece now if you want to

create a nipple gap spacing it's as easy

as literally just putting a nickel in

between each board to create a small gap

for our for our display purposes I'm not

creating a gap

this stuff has to be phased out not

pre-drilled every hole so

then it goes up easily

now this product I don't mind pre

nailing hold it in place also don't mind

using a nail guard simple oops it's a

simple invention that then he scored

with a hole in it that prevents any

damage to the wood from over

yes what I love to do so on and so forth

all the way at the wall this is an

example of our nickel gap made with a

rustic white oak you see how much

quicker and easier the installation goes

click together

I'm usually set it with a road map to

make sure it's sitting properly

I'll put the nail above the stop on the

tongue and groove and then the next page

comes and covered it the general tab

with the mallet to bring it down to the

stop and we nail I'm using a 15 gauge

nail because it has a pitch floor of a

head in some of the other nail gun now

this is the white pine tongue and groove

nickel gap product goes together really

easily stops built into the back of the

groove to establish its spacing you do

have to be careful about your placement

in your angle of your nail that's too

high it will hold the next piece above

it all too low you'll see it