Crown Molding DIY Tips and Tricks

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hi everybody I'm live seating drill and

today well I'm going to show you how to

attach crown molding to a wall and

ceiling okay couple tricks of the trade

along with placement and positioning of

crown molding because believe it or not

there's some tricks there as well so

let's get started so here we are in the

room okay and this is the wall that's

the ceiling there and the first thing

that we have to do is we have to mark

where our studs are so when we start to

nail the crown molding in we're hitting

the studs beneath the drywall okay

okay use a stud finder to locate the

studs if you don't know how to use a

stud finder there's a CJ trail video on

how to use a stud finder on our channel

and also on the website okay so we have

a stud here what I'm going to do is I'm

going to take masking tape painters tape

and that's going to indicate where that

stud is what I do is I'm just going to

continue down the wall continue to mark

the studs now the reason I use the tape

is because it's easy to see it's easy to

spot from a distance and after I can

finish with the job I just remove the

tape but I have to worry about marking

the wall now that the studs are marked

now it's time to talk about how we're

going to place the crown molding against

the wall on the ceiling now you have to

imagine that this is our ceiling here

and this is our wall okay little late

right up there in that corner there say

now what this is called is the spring

angle and it's going to matter but it's

not going to matter that much for us as

we go on I'm going to explain it to you

but the most important thing is you want

to make certain that your crown molding

is seated perfectly up against the wall

and seated perfectly up against the

ceiling now you may wonder what side is

up right and which side is down well

I'll tell you the general rule is the

more decorative the edge like down here

okay this should set up against the wall

and then up at the top where there isn't

a lot of detail you'll want to rest this

up against the ceiling this is another

trick now here's the thing I've got my

crown molding right just a scrap piece

of crown molding and remember I talked

about that spring angle well we're going

to place it up against the ceiling make

certain that it seats perfectly and it

does now what this is going to do is

it's going to give us a reference line

okay so I've got it seated really well

just a market here alright that's our

reference line but make certain the most

decorative edge is against the wall and

the less decorative edge meets the

ceiling okay so I've got my crown

molding and place up against the ceiling

in the wall now I have to nail it and

there's a trick to nailing this so you

don't destroy you know the fine work

that makes you know crown molding really

pop and if you use a hammer well there's

a trick and I'm going to go in the shop

I'm going to show you that trick now I'm

going to be using a nail gun but if you

don't have a nail gun I'm going to show

you a trick to get really great results

using a hammer okay so the size now you

want to use you want to use 6d that's 2

inches and it's a finishing now okay so

you want to use a finishing nail that

looks like this now what you want to do

is you want to cut the end of the nail

off you want to take the cut nail and

you want to install it in the end of a

drill so what I have here is I have my

nail like a drill bit installed in the

end of a cordless drill so what you do

is you use this nail to create pilot

holes in the crown molding we'll put a

nail right here I'm going to create a

pilot hole and I'm going to drill right

through it

got my nail and I'll just insert the

nail into the pilot hole and then drive

the nail so what this does is it

eliminates the possibility of pounding

really hard with your hammer and then

missing the nail and damaging the crown

molding right

once you get very close to the wood with

a nail head like we are now you want to

continue to hammer because then you're

going to take the risk of damaging the

wood so that's when a nail set comes in

handy and that's what this tool is here

so I'm going to just set that on the tip

of the nail and then I'm just a few taps

there we go it's set okay so I've

secured the crown molding to the wall

now I'm going to secure it to the

ceiling by doing what's called cross

nailing what that means is I'm going to

shoot a nail going in this direction and

then I'm going to shoot one in the

opposite direction X really going to

Snug the crown molding up against the

ceiling in the event that there's no

wood there to nail to so I've got my

nailer I'm just gonna tip it that way

just a little bit just a little bit

that's one now I'm going to take the

nail gun and I'm going to go in the

opposite direction I'm going to tip it

just a little bit and that's what they

call cross nailing so hopefully I showed

you a few tricks that you'll find

helpful when you do your crown molding


this is Leah saying you can do this see

you next time