Laminate Floor Installation for Beginners | 9 Clever Tips

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Okay, so today we’re going to install laminate flooring, and I want to just get right to

it, give you some tips that you need to know. It is an easy installation, but you just have

to start out with the right direction and follow these tips. And please wait till the

last tip. I don’t see that in any videos that I see online, and I think it’s really

important for a sound installation. But first, let’s go over the tools. Very simple. You

don’t need a whole lot. Basically a scraper for prepping your subfloor. I like to use

a big bar to take off pack strips if you have carpet. This is a beating block basically

just to collect the laminate flooring together. A rubber mallet. And this is basically just

a glorified crowbar. It’s just made so that when you have your edging pieces in, you can

clip that laminate together. But these two tools are important to install laminate and

specifically for laminate. It’s also nice to have an oscillating tool. This is for cutting

door jams or cutting anything that you need to slide your laminate flooring underneath.

You can also just use a regular jam saw, but an oscillating tool will make it a lot more

efficient and easier. A standard circular saw. And I’d probably say the absolute most

important is knee pads. It could be very miserable if you try to do this without knee pads. As

I get older, I absolutely need them. So invest in some good knee pads. You won’t go wrong

with that. Okay, so tip #1: acclimate the product in

your home. Most of them need at least minimum two days in the space that you’ll actually

install them. Crisscross them like this. I have some just 1xs that are holding them up,

but you want the airflow and the humidity of your room to acclimate this. If you don’t,

you can end up with problems and a lot more shrinkage and possibly gaps in the corners