Let's Play Hollow Knight [2] Spike jumps

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seems we dosed off everyone's return

here welcome back to let's play hollow

nights last time we got a map and that's

about it but with that map we do have a

rough idea of where we want to go at

least that area in the center with the

skull head mask thing and that is our

goal to head to so let's head off in

that direction see what we find now then

I've explained the mechanics with dine

in this game and I'll be honest my first

playthrough it actually took me a long

time before I finally died for the first

time because there is actually an

interesting - Kanak with death itself

but we're probably not going to see it

for a while yeah Suellen go interesting

I know we've seen a mechanic before but

I think of where for now let's explore

down into the deep darkness the deep

Danks darkness so much to explore really

there is so much C in this game that's

frightening but we can do that the

ability to Pogo lets you do a lot of

things that you really shouldn't be able

to I took that hit there anyway because

I'm thanks a lot spikes I think I can't

oh oh I think I can't

I think I can I can I can I can oh I got

to go back down I got to go back now so

the thing that we were going to do we're

probably not going to do it I should

have realized that we could put up

spikes so that's that helped me solve

something very early on oh we can do

that I'm I feel bad I'm going to be

doing things out of sequence but I don't

care oh all right so let me see that

area should be the lower door on the


what was you can offer

there what was even over there wasn't

this one it should be the next one down

right in here yes what was even over

here I don't remember I think I think we

can do this it's not going to be the

easiest granted well okay I can just

drop right down that's going to know

what's even over here I don't think I'm

not supposed to be doing this guys

let me just flat-out say that I am not

supposed to be over here but I am sit

down okay well through that yeah we

can't get up there I feel like there's

definitely something over there though


I know there's stuff over here okay so

there's a big one of you which is good

because I do need more soul keep that up

to max will at least be able to get our

way back up it go this way because we

can fall on that and get hit by spikes

we ended up down here again ah just

consistent up there I feel like there

was something up there and if there

wasn't then I'm just not that smart

I really really shouldn't either was

Justin - yeah whatever I'll take G opal

do is still important to me now geo is

still important me now I really really

should not be secrets breaking but I am

O as one of the know the aesthetic of

this game like the aesthetic of the

environment were and will change rather

drastically just what I think it is I

think this is oh I shouldn't be doing

this I shouldn't be doing this right now

we're doing it now

a broody Moloch say hello to the first

question mark boss we should not be

fighting this guy yet at all let me just

say that effectively my ability to jump

over things like that is going to be the

only thing we shouldn't be fighting this

guy right yet we really show God so he

jumps as well but we've seen all the

tech to this point

Boop he will eventually get going faster

as he take more damage I think he's

already starting to thankfully he pauses

whenever he does the big attack and as

you know it is impossible to dodge it

while staying on the side he launches

that attack at all so no I am making

this boss look a lot easier than he

really did oh I was very close keep

doing the spit up attack please please

keep doing that attack if I can get

three attack been very safely when you

do that whew Luis is ooh

alright that was a relatively painful

out-of-sequence first of all we should

not have been fighting them anywhere

near yet and for that we get a fairly

nice upgrade this is effectively a piece

of heart click for them and we get

another hit and he was all full of this

yellow stuff orange stuff I need to

learn my colors whoo we had no place

fighting him yet we really didn't oh I

really want to sequence break now I

really want a sequence break now oh I

shouldn't though I really shouldn't

primarily because I do want to get

abilities and after the first bolts get

an ability I kind of want to have I do

not think we can jump off of acid and

acid does the same thing as spikes

actually I'm pretty much guaranteeing

that we can't jump off of it but there's

another grub for the grub more money for

us effectively almost anything that we

can damage almost anything grass of

course an exception you can do that pogo

jump awesome even things you can't

damage like spikes or those things there

which we will actually learn the names

of them later but the Pogo ability is

extremely useful for doing things a

little out of team wins still hurt kind

of rope above the one of the patches

recently made it a lot easier to know

when he's around which I appreciate

because it wasn't always the easiest

thing to know he was around all right

now there's definitely a few things out

of the ginzu there's still a few more

mechanics to this game I haven't touched

on one which being death another one's

being if you notice this wall that is a

breakable wall

those are hidden all over the place some

of them I guy I walk by a lot of my

first playthrough admittedly a lot of

them and I'm gonna have to keep my eyes

out because I don't really want to walk

by them again this game also does have

the occasional I get the occasional like

battle arena type area where you just

have to fight a bunch of enemies in

order to unlock the area

you think we only have to do it one

thankfully so oh and it's also nice to

Pogo off of the flight enemies was over

here I don't think we want to go that

way yet let's head up to the hot spring

first let me show off the hot spring now

spring is nice

get rest in the hot spring and it will

both heal you and fill up your soul rest

of the bench does heal you fully you see

our map is updated we can take a look at

the updated map and see more airings on

it it's pretty nice

we still a lot of ground to cover oh boy

do we have a lot of ground to cover

man I feel bad I'm going to be doing

this kind of at a sequence not

super out a sequence MindView like that

was a completely optional boss not

needed for anything really I just felt

like killing it there's something

missing here what is that sound we need

to find a maid up there out of sequence

and we have a fine into me all right hmm

well that's a mechanic I should probably

touch on the stage hazards environment

hazards rather they can hurt enemies

so if you really have issue with some

enemies you could knock them into like

spikes and whatnot and that'll help

solve the issue so we won't be going up

there yet because that does require more

vertical movement than we have currently

so many enemies to fight and destroy hmm

but a lot of ground to cover regardless

I actually went as a note I want a good

duration of the game without having the

compass primarily because it is bother

me too much

I was usually pretty good at finding my

bearings even without it that's a pretty

optional side area if there were no

purpose or rhyme or reason and I'm going

to come down here because because I want

money that's really only reason I'm down

here I want money can I get back up here

kind of I can get back up there I just

take it to do it that Pogo mechanic is

probably one of the best I ever had any

dealings with that one before I don't

think I've ever been up to this part of

the area before I've never needed to

give me the money

out it'd be silly me probably wasn't

that wide slew up there

I think that's everything we can do in

this round at least for now probably and

that was important before we go there

we're going to this way right this enemy

again rose our throw the chiller at it

bugs we need so much money so much money

to begin with but by the end of it we

just have so much money we don't know

what to do with it

also if you hear like a helicopter ish

sound I don't know how well that'll come

through in the recording but a few

helicopters sound that would be mutinous

those enemies flying around in a lighter

area that sound is nightmarish because

there is a rather nightmarish version of

those enemies which are really heat

that's you know our memory serves yeah

this is this way okay we kind of wanna

go this way kind of want to go this way

it's difficult as a way up we don't want

to go up we want to ruin this thing


the groove mother


it really isn't that hard of a boss like

realistically the only thing they can do

is launch itself at you

ow I can't I kind of deserve that and

it's already down the other boss was

harder but that's mostly because I did

him early take all the money yep yep

let's keep moving

laughter we can't get up there yet we

would need a flying enemy they up there

so I'm not going to worry about that yet

however much more useful let's go in

that room there once I kill this guy we

will find you don't look too good buddy

oh oh you willed your nail like a club

MZ how much deeper do we have to go

Oh what who are you I see the soul

village what a strange dream to have led

me down here if you hadn't found me I

don't think I would have ever woken I'm

sly usually I live in uneventful life up

in dirt mouth the air in these ruins

doesn't agree with me so I best be

getting back if you turn the bulbs come

and see me I'm probably the friendliest

face left there and I can thank you

properly for your good deed table name

you're exploring that very brave plenty

of courageous Wanderers have been lost

to the hunger of these old caverns you

have you now though and I can tell just

by looking at you you know how to wield

it stable then all right that's all I

say so I is another fairly important one

at least for completions sake and yes

I'm going to under % complete this

oh this is a long one Connecticut this

is a long one in the making what is over

here again oh I know it's over here

alright so first of all yeah bugs are

over here and we think all in like 15

minutes and I still haven't gotten to

the where at least I want to go just

because I'm doing all the sidetrack

stuff hmmm looks like a giant tram but

we can't get in and we probably need

some sort of tram pass or here whatnot

for now more do mmm yeah

geo is a very nice thing to have a lot

of at least early aim for the most part

as you're wandering the caverns you do

want to have a nice supply of Geo on you

at pretty much any given point the

reason for that we'll get more into m-my

time and got thrown off because he died

we'll get more to the reasons of that

hopefully shortly but if you want to

give a decent supply that on hand I

don't think you need to keep like more

than a hundred on you at any given time

unless you're going to shop but yeah

that is totally not worth it it's over


I know where we are these enemies right

here are really obnoxious to try to

defeat a rather obnoxious to find later

on they're not that hard to defeat

though especially since they can't

attack above them like they can protect

above them but it can't tack up so you

can just kind of Pogo on them I'm going

to use it a lot get used to it alright

so first of all the first thing we want

to do that we're in this area in this

room because if you manage to keep your

bearings and I don't know if you have

but if you've managed to keep your

bearings there's probably only one area

that we could be in right now

look familiar

we now have effectively a shortcut to

get back up to where we need to be quite

useful quite very useful hmm

yeah yeah I think that was a good enough

reason not to go that way let's not go

that way one thing that does make this

easier in some ways in a typical Dark

Souls game comparing that reference once

again is you can actually gain the

ability to gain more like your ceiling

resource you can gain more of it rather

easily also this is a story about your

hint for that primarily was the fact

that this was indented slightly and that

you could hear that Grubb wailing just

go back to the grub before we go to the

surface get more money come to grub dad

all right we don't want to go through

that way first because we want to go

through here because here is a very nice

music play so it's all a bench update

this map look at the map

we have a few small areas that we could

have gone in that we didn't want to

venture left the veteran to those at

some point but other than that we have

the majority of the Forgotten crossroads

on our map but for now total machine

with a symbol of a stag sure let's put

it to you in also notice that says

listen I like that instead of talk

because your characters mute greetings

little ones and agents have less heard

the ringing of a station Bell it's

echoed down the stag ladies and called

me to you

I've groans dis and tired over these

many years and I forgotten much but the

sound of the Bell will always call me

back these stag ways stretched the

depths of hollowness if you want to

travel them hail me from the platform I

would take you where you need to go this

is effectively our fast travel yes it is

a subway but instead of subway cars it

is an oversized stag beetle before we do

that you can jump down here doctor it

was a long time ago

but I remember when these highways and

across roads pulse with life these are

the past I first cared passengers

through when I was young those travelers

are long gone yeah I still remain no it

seems it's just you and I and the third

of creatures scratching and squirming

all around the room the last sag so

let's head back up the dirt mouth

I do like the designs of how the game

aesthetically and everything else goes

on as things continue various little

details here as arrows hit the switch

and that will open up the door to the

station hey elder bug what do you got to

say I never get to the grub guy

oh what a turn I shop keepers come home

just wandered back in I'd hoped from the

grand tales of this time below but he

seems to remember almost nothing maybe

it was too much for him if you're

interested in swears watch out he drives

a hard bargain that one no competition

that's the problem it's bad to the

market not that he's complaining and

then we thought I'd see such a thing the

stag station was opened that building

they sent it since before even my time

oh I've heard the tales look glorious

lines web of tunnels running all through

the kingdom not that I'll be travelling

them mind you I'm quite content where I

am oh and the battery I forgot to stop

and get money from the grub but whatever


satisfy ha hello I knew we'd meet again

how do you like my cozy little store

I've made myself pretty comfortable here

so an old trinket to travelers like you

if your plane entry below I'd several

items that may improve your chance of

survival here all masks shard a piece of

art soul or vessel fragment effectively

a soul increase simple key I'll be

useful gathering swarm

it makes geo fly to you I want to get

that I want to get that now I'm going to

go to the grub and I'm going to get that

and I'm good money and I'm going to come

back on that the stalwart shell these

are all charms look into those before

the video is done I am NOT going to get

to fight in that boss am i I am NOT

going to get to fight in that boss here

is a loom fly Lantern this is

effectively a cam I'm not going to say

it's a necessary upgrade but it's

effectively a necessary upgrade that

dark area we saw earlier LS he in there

and the rancid egg will have the uses

for it later believe me

for now though I need money money money

money money money money go get money

I'll see you guys back up here actually

yeah just you know what you guys you

guys come with me you guys come with me

but for now back into the crossroads

because I need to go visit grub dad nine

short charms are very useful things to

have by the way and I'll be explaining

them more as we get into it but

effectively charms are attempted

equippable in this game you have a

number of notches for how many you can

equip and each one you clip obviously be

better of them cost more notches and

they all have effects the compass is one

in which all your location on the map

another would be obviously the one that

makes money fly to you there's really a

ton of them and a ton different uses I'm

not going to go into too much of

spoiling what they are but we'll see

each and every one I don't know if I use

each and every one but we'll see each

and every one before I'm done believing

for now let's head back up to the

surface oh man I'm not really

accomplishing much of anything am i well

technically I beat two bosses this time

the game also does pull you down on your

dirt Mouse's they don't use that I don't

think anywhere else maybe are you killed

by give me the gathering swarm yes and I

don't think I have enough money for

anything else so the other thing to note

about charms is you can only equip them

while you're on a bench which is kind of

understandable if you could change them

on the fly you could effectively be

unstoppable so for now you see we have

three notches but we only have one charm

out of

oh they got one two three four five six

seven eight nine out of 36 you I only

have one so we have 35 more to get so

many baguettes but now whenever we

attack something and if you guys

probably been long enough and going up

for words heading to the actual boss I

think I'm going to end off here guys so

next time I'm going to do the thing I

said we're gonna do this I'm also you

see we now have the charm menu inventory

and the map so yeah next time we're

going to do this thing I said we were

going to do this time which is we're

going to go fight that boss instead of

that room there because yes that is

actually bus we're going to fight that

because I've been putting it off for a

while now because I've just been

exploring and fasting about but oh so

much it's boring to be doing I don't

remember I mentioned this already I may

have but that's one thing I liked about

this game when I first played it I never

felt like I didn't have a place to go I

always knew that I could come back this

area because I haven't explored it or I

can now go there and there and there

were a few areas that I pass through

once just like the brief is like I

skimmed the surface of it I don't like

that area by the way and I just put off

going back to it and I put off going

back on to it and I put off going back

to it I probably went five hours at

least between my first time I dipped

into it and then actually going back to

explore it and in the time in between I

had no shortage of places to explore and

things to do this game is expansive it

is huge and I do enjoy that anyway

that'll be it for this time so as I said

we're going to fight that boss next time

I'll see you guys all then later