How to Install a Joist Hanger

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joist hangers are almost always required

when building a deck here's how to

install them correctly begin with a

hanger size for your joist this is

typically marked on the packaging along

with the correct fasteners to use when

installing this hanger calls for 10 D

common galvanized nails to install align

the top plane of the joist with the rim

we're using a scrap of wood screwed to

the joist as a brace then snug the

hanger up under the joist squeeze the

legs tight and Hammer the prongs into

the rim to hold in place fasten the rim

side first nailing through all the

pre-drilled holes on both sides of the

hanger if space is too tight to swing a

hammer a pneumatic Paul nailer can be

used finally nail into the joist through

the pre-drilled holes again all the