How to Super-Secure Gems and Bling

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hi I'm Suzy from nail career education

and I have a super special guest with me

today one of my girls in life salon and

meet Natalie I am so excited to be here

today she is excited again she is a

bling girl in the salon she blames

everybody else she's crazy about me a

lot we're going to post her Instagram

that you can have a boo she's very

talented young lady that's why she works

but I love feeling so this is all up my


I brought Madeline because I was at the

ice show this last weekend and max put

bling on me with this her so pretty

I was in the airplane flying home and

the Sun was coming in the window and

caught the gems and it splashed on to

the sign of a wall of the airplane and

cause like a disco in oh it's so fancy

yeah that is all really so us love day