HOW TO | J-Channel a Window (Perfectly Every Time)

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alright what's up YouTube we're gonna do

a Jake channel video today we're going

to show you how to avoid stuff like this

yes this is on my own job by some of my

higher paid employees so they're gonna

be watching this video as soon as it's

done as well okay thank you okay as you

just saw in that other video even some

good Jay Chandler's can have some bad

habits and that can that can cause that

kind of thing to happen a lot I'll show

you guys that see I don't even I don't

ever need to see that on my job site

you'll find out why weird stuff like

this is not necessary from whatever

anyhow so real quick you're probably not

gonna want to use tape measures and

stuff unless it's needed like for

example if I needed to get the side

piece right now a little hard to hold

this up cuz it's often so you can use