Install and use a drywall anchor

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by subscribing thank you hi I'm going to

show you how to put in a drywall anchor

typically you use a drywall anchor when

you don't have any wood behind the

drywall and you're going to put up

something heavy I'm putting up curtain

rods and with the curtain rod and the

curtains on it it's gonna be kind of

heavy so let's get started

this is your typical drywall anchor that

you will find that you get in a lot of

stores okay I'm gonna show you what

happens when you drill the the screw in

so this will what happen is what happens

when you put the screw into the drywall

anchor it splits to make it wider here

so it won't slip out of the wall

sometimes you have four be aware that

there are different drywall anchors you

can buy so you want to mark off where

you want to put the screwdriver or if

you want to put the bracket I'm

measuring it because it is to be the

same height as the other curtain I

already put up so 15 and a quarter

inches and it came out to about an inch

here I should take this quarter inches

from the ceiling and place the bracket

where you want it and Mark I don't

usually mark the bottom one until I see

how straight it comes out put a pencil

mark it's not difficult to

so I don't use electric drill very

straight I'm not that steady with it so

to get it started I used the screw and I

pound into it just to make a little

notch so that the drill bit can fit in

there take the drill and go through hey

you can press push the drywall back in

you know I measure the bracket so that

right underneath it yep I got it right

there a little higher nice thing about

these I have some room to me

pay then press put it in your drywall

and hammer it in so this one for the

drill bit it's fit the drill to take it

down as far as possible I'm bringing it

upside down it's gonna go the other way

but for the moment off the hand do that

in the sec break it with a drywall