Best Way to Drive a Nail Into Concrete

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hi everyone I'm Liam sturgeon drill and

today I'm going to show you how to drive

a nail into concrete using this tool now

what I'll say about it is this is a very

dangerous tool if you don't use it

properly now every tool you know has

some elements of danger but this tool in

particular you really want to read the

manual that comes along with the tool

that you're going to use don't skimp

here folks this is one of those tools

this is one of those tools we had

definitely want to read the instructions

because those instructions you're going

to not only tell you what to do but

they're going to keep you safe and I

cannot stress that enough now why why am

I so serious about this tool this is a

powder-actuated tool you really have to

think of it believe it or not like a

firearm because you load it just like

you would load a gun and instead of

using a bullet the projectile is a nail

so what you're doing is you're shooting

a nail into concrete or structural steel

so that really kind of makes it a very

serious tool but the good news is if you

follow the safety instructions that come

with each one of these tools ok I'm just

going to keep you safe and it's going to

make certain that you're using

toll in the way it's intended to be used

now the first thing that you want to be

mindful of is you want to have eye

protection for obvious reasons you know

it's shooting a nail okay so you want to

put on eye protection and you also want

to have ear protection because it can

get loud now the next thing we want to

move onto is the hardware and the words


so just keep in mind that the load level

is usually indicated or I should say it

is always indicated on the package it as

you can see right there

getting close it says yellow number four

you can also look at the cap itself here

at the top of the load you'll see that

it's it's yellow as well now as a rule I

always use the loads that and the the

fasteners okay that the manufacturer of

the tool suggests I don't mix my loads

and my fasteners up with different tools

that way you know that you're using the

right fastener and you're keeping

yourself safe all right let's move on to

the fasteners themselves all right this

is what one of the nails looks like and

in our case we're going to go with a two

and a half because we're attaching a 2x4

to a concrete floor now before you get

started using the tool loading it up all

like that you have to determine whether

or not you can actually use the tool and

there's a test that you take


so if you're the surface you're

attaching to is an appropriate surface

and you've conducted the test then we

are going to move on to the load now I

know I talked about the loads and

there's being you know different colors

for different power levels but you want

to make certain that you're using the

right power level for the job that

you're doing and this is where the

instruction manual comes in that comes

with the tool read it thoroughly okay

because there in instances when you're

not going to want to use the most

powerful load okay so what I want to

draw your attention to is this this is a

single load strike tool okay there are

others where there are more loads but

this is a single load and this is all

you need for for what we're doing today

now we know that it's operational it's

not loaded Wendy you load it well here's

the thing

actually what you want to do is you want

to put your fastener on the end first

the fastener goes right here on the bill

take your nail and you insert it okay

now the next thing you're going to want

to do is you want to install your load

you always want to do it in that order

you don't want to do it in reverse you

don't want to put your load in and then

install your nail always in that order

place the fastener and first and then

load the barrel of the tool


ok so now we're going to actually use

the tool I'm at a wall that I

constructor earlier and I need to attach

the bottom plate to the concrete and so

this is the perfect tool to use now it's

not loaded want to go through this with

you because we we didn't really go

through how to actually use the tool so

once it's loaded what you will do is you

will hold your hold the tool firmly with

the handle now if you come up at the top

you'll see that there's a button here

and it's this button that you want to

hit very soundly with your hammer now

before you hit it you have to push down

on the tool it's designed that way for a

reason and the reason why it's designed

to push it down first is so that it

doesn't accidentally discharge so you

take the tool grab it firmly make

certain that it's straight up and down

push firmly down and then strike the top

firmly with your hammer so let's get

started I've got this tool pointed away

from myself and the camera person

I've already inspected it so so I know

that it's operational now what I'm going

to do is I'm going to load my nail

alright my nail is in now I'm going to

extend the the barrel and there we go

that's where I'm going to place the load

can you get a good picture of that I'm

going to put my load in my load is in

okay I'm going to close the barrel now

what I'm going to do is I'm going to set

the barrel down where I would like my

fastener to be okay so I have it where I

want it now the next thing I'm going to

do is I want to push down on it pushed

it down alright and now I'm going to

strike it firmly on top

you know this is this is really a great

tool not a whole lot of options out

there for driving nails into concrete

right it's a great tool and what I will

say is this keep yourself safe read that

instruction manual okay no reason why

you can't use this tool and have great

success this is Leah say you can do this

see you next time