How to Fasten to Concrete - EASY WAY - Walls/Floors/Block

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whether your house is big or small

you're probably interested in anything

that's gonna give you more space now one

way to do that is to get more organized

and that's easy to do you can put things

up like hooks shelves and anything that

lets you get stuff off the floor now

that's easy to do if you're going to put

those things into walls that are made of

drywall or wood but why stop there

because you've got concrete walls in

your basement or maybe in your garage

and that's free space that's totally

unused I'm gonna show you the simplest

and easiest way to mount just about

anything to concrete you can do yourself

in a way that's straightforward and

almost foolproof reason most people fail

when they try to mount things to

concrete is that they choose the wrong

fastener and the problem is these things