Can You Use Nails in Bricks, Mortar & Cement? (Ramset Concrete Nail Review)

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what I've discovered today has finally

blew my mind probably not used to a lot

of people but just in case you're

wondering you can use nails in masonry

as long as you got the right type in


and welcome to wine he's probably gonna

be the quickest quick fix it fix it

fingers history

I want to rehang my whiteboard because I

recently had to move it to get a few

different tools into place and typical

way you gonna need a hammer drill you're

gonna need some decent masonry bits and

donate some plugs you know those ramsett

wall plugs or just the Greenies but you

bash in there it's noisy it's dusty and

not everyone has this sort of equipment

now obviously if you're making something

like that which is holding a bunch of