Installing Baseboards With A Finish Nailer-DIY Tutorial

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hey everybody I'm here today to make a

quick video of myself

installing a baseboard with a finish

nailer it's actually a really simple

process and I'm going to show you

exactly how to do it in this video as

you can see right here I had a piece of


and I've already cut it to be the exact

length that I need and I've also already

cut the edges to be my gird on an angle

so I'm just gonna press it up against

the wall like that and what I'm going to

do something to make sure that it is but

it is buttoned up nicely against this

wall over here just like that so as you

can see it is pressed up nicely against

the wall in his butt up against this

wall and I only have a reminder I have a

mitered corner on this side right here

because this is an inside corner and I

also have a mitered corner on this I

drew because this is an outside corner

okay so basically I have a finish nailer

right here this is actually a

battery-operated one there's no

compressor needed awesome in my opinion

it's a little bit you know heavier than

the compressor operated ones but people

delight you don't need a cord or holes

anywhere so I'm just gonna go ahead I'm

gonna tack this in place so I start off

so I'm just putting one nail on either

side just to hold the baseboard in place

now I'm gonna start off on this side

because this is the side that needs to

be but up against the wall so I'm gonna

make sure a lot of skin of these

button-up nicely against the wall I'm

gonna just hold it in place like this

let's get the finish nailer just like


animal drive nail into place alright now

I'm gonna pull on the other side right

here and I'm gonna tack this side into

place so once again I'm just gonna make

sure that it's pressed up nice and slow

get the finish nailer put it in a place

like this I'm going to try to hit the

corner so I can get the stud right there

and then drive the nail

- it's like that so now that I'm

actually taught the piece of baseboard

in place it's pretty much any place

right now

all I need to do is go with the finish

nailer and I'm gonna put a few more

nails in this now when you are

installing a base or with an enabler you

should try and get a meal every 12 or so

inches some people will see after 16

inches but I have 212 inches just to

make sure that it stays in place you

should also try and get some nails into


if possible so I'm just going to go

ahead and work my way along here every

two or so inches all right so now that I

put those nails into place I even take

the look at the top and I'm actually

gonna put some caulking along the talk

when I'm done and you need to fill in

any gaps but I can see that this is

stick you know just that the wall bowels

in a bit so what I'm gonna do is I'm

just gonna put a nail here just to try

and bring it a little bit closer now I

think to try to put this nail on the lip

right here that's what I like to do and

then I will actually just I will sink it

in a little bit deeper with a nail a

punch later and just fill it with some

wood filler just to make it look nice

and perfect but I'm gonna try and just

get a nail and probably right about here

alright one more over here oh please

yeah as you can see I have installed the

baseboard and it's a really simple

process and once again I know it doesn't

look finished because I still have to

put on the cord around and I'm still

gonna run a bead of caulk

on the top just to seal it up and make

them look nice and finished so that's

basically it it's over the simple


cut the baseboard to be the exact length

remember measure twice cut once and also

put it in place

tap the ends with nails and then boom

every 12 inches or so with additional

nails and that's all I have for you

today thanks for watching