Installing Tyvek Weather Barrier House Wrap: How To Build A Shed ep 12

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in this video I'm gonna show you how I

installed a vapor barrier all around my

shed now some folks call these air

barriers or moisture barriers it's just

a barrier that keeps water from getting

in as well as keeping air from getting

in from strong winds but it allows the

structure to breathe I'm using the

product from DuPont called Tyvek I

bought this and paid for it myself I'm

not sponsored in any way this just

happened to be the right size for what I

needed at my local Home Depot I think

this roll was about three feet or so

tall and it came with more than enough

length on it to do the entire shed for

fastening it I decided to use the same

nails I was going to use for the roofing

felt a lot of people prefer to use

staples when attaching this I went with