How To: Install Hardie Trim

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took one today I'm gonna look at cement

board products specifically James Hardie

trim and see if it might be what you've

been looking for party trend is pretty

tough stuff it's brought fruit insect

proof fireproof doesn't have the thumbs

of PVC and it looks just like wood my

favorite I'll show you how easy it was

to install on my house and how you can

do it too

welcome to sunny Florida and my little

neighborhood of bungalows okay so it's

not always sunny but well actually this

is pretty much whatever you afternoon in

the summer looks like these afternoon

showers are relentless around here okay

this is getting ridiculous

but with rain like this it's no wonder

my trim has just turned to mush these

trim boards by mine deck never have time

to dry out and I've already replaced

these boards once I needed a better

solution so it was time to dump the

lumber and try something new

first thing I had to do is cut and pry

that old wood trim off that was rotten

you can see my kids inside having a

grand old time as that bang away on the

door not too easy just pry it all off

and once I have it off it revealed how

rotten some of the structure was

underneath so we're gonna have to deal

with that before we even got to replace

the trim so I've got the old trim off

now I've done some repairs to the

framing because I'm just waiting I

couldn't really leave all that rot

underneath there so we did some epoxy

some boric air some different things to

make sure that the rot the framing

doesn't take place because I certainly

don't want to cover it up with nice new

hardy trim and then leave the rot back

there to keep festering so we've got to

take care of that before we finish it

out while I'm waiting for it to set up

and cure I wanted to show you a couple

of samples so Hardy sent me a they send

you three samples you can request some

so you can see they're siding in some

different textures and colors so one of

the cool things they've got is they've

got a variety of textures you can do

smooth or you can do like a cedar mill

look on some of their siding so if

you've got some wood siding that you're

trying to match that has that wood

texture on this house the trim was all

smooth so that's what I stayed with and

they do have a thing where you can get

cut there ColorPlus technology so you

can get them factory painted and really

the advantage to that I'm saying this

coming from Hardy's what what James

Hardy company says about this because I

haven't seen it long term because I

haven't used this stuff but it's I think

it's a pretty cool option to have color

plus technology where they're coated in

the factory which is always a better

coating than what you do out here in the

field there's no dirt there's no rain

there's no direct sunlight on your fresh

paint it's coated in a factory so you

know it's consistent all the way across

they give a 15 year warranty on their

color plus technology I didn't use it in

this case because I'm trying to match a

paint job that's already on the house

but if you're doing something and you

haven't picked out your trim color and

you like one of the colors they have

then why not save yourself the trouble

of having to paint save yourself the

step of having a paint so I think it's

definitely something you want to look at

if it works for your project why not

save yourself the trouble especially if

your contract

you don't have to have a painting

contractor come follow behind you take

that much longer and possibly screw up

the nice work you did on your siding and

trim so once everything was repaired I

was ready to measure the length cut that

and I'm also going to measure my width

because I want a nice quarter inch

reveal on either side of the framing



I will say it was a little frustrating

that the hardy trim board only came in

12 foot lengths because my door was

about seven feet so I had a lot of waste

left over I did have to rip a couple

pieces to width to get the just right to

fit my custom trim sizes I needed but

the board's came in standard one by six

with and they also come in three quarter

inch thicknesses or four quarter inch

thicknesses which is awesome if you've

got sin - the thicker trim and you can

use them all just like standard

woodworking tools I'm using a 15 gauge

nailer to nail it in place a regular

table saw regular circ saw note and

changing the blades even though there

are special blades that you can get if

you're cutting a lot of cement board

trim that helps go through it faster and

cut down on the dust because the dust

with these is pretty significant





and it was time to up all my joints

I really tried to that pant in

place because it seemed to follow me no

matter where I was working but I never

got him put plenty of into the

joints smooth it out with your finger

and I also like to use a wet rag

afterwards to make sure everything is

smooth I cut a couple small pieces down

here to go at the bottom where there was

some cord around this had rotted away

almost completely and it basically just

cocked them in place up against the

glass does a great job to seal this

joint here then it was time for paint

using one of my favorite exterior paints

sherwin-williams resiliance roll it on

and use a brush to get into the cracks

and crevices where you need to

and you're pretty much done overall I

was really happy with how easy it was to

work with the hardy trim how good it

looks when it's done and really

unexcited to see how much better it will

hold up against the rain and rock hey it

looks good from my house check out the

links in the description below to learn

more about James Hardy products and the

tools I used in this video also if

you're a contractor you might want to

check out their contractor Alliance

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