DIY: WARNING! Watch This Before Re-Fitting Loose Or Squeaky Floorboards

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good afternoon folks 21st century

caveman here hope everybody's well

everybody's happy so we've actually

completed to do the decorating in these

small bedroom and just one or two a

little bit less it's like to do I've got

a couple of hours after noon so I'm just

going to start having a look at the

floor as we can see it's a wooden floor

they've got some very narrow floorboards

on here and we can see that at some

point in the past the floor boards have

been cut presumably they've been pulled

up when we walk on the floor you know it

does squeak some of these boards bounce

and haven't been refitted properly some

of them are cracked

we can see where somebody's sawn some of

these boards anyway I don't want to

spend a fortune I'm so not gonna replace

a floor but it does need repairing

before I start refitting putting a new

carpet in here so I've got all the tools

ready and we're good to go or are we now

something really really important here

and I've stressed it before in previous

videos it's clear lots of work needs to

be done on this floor but we must never

ever even consider screwing down loose

floorboards or nailing them down until

we lift those boards and find out what's

underneath them okay

there is a reason why these floorboards

were lifted and possibly a very good

reason why they weren't actually fitted

by Nike in place and we can see looks

straight away we've got some pipes here

now that pipe hasn't got an ink cap and

incidentally this is the first time I've

actually lifted these boards they are

okay I haven't you know done anything

with these previously but you can see

that I mean for starters a hell of a lot

of junk under there but we can say

simply for lifting this bit of board to

me look the reason that hasn't been

fitted is quite simply because there

appears to be very little to fit it to a

little bit of space there on that joist

possibly look but over here look but we

can see that we've got a load of

electrical cables here small pipe work

here with electric stuff in there okay

so this is a there are a number of red

flags okay the far

the fact is first rate of like is the

fact that these boards have been lifted

at some point in the past second red

flag is a fact that when you walk on

lovelies their room they haven't been

refitted they squeak they bounce around

and that suggests that and they haven't

been refitted and it could be a very

good reason for that let's pick this one

up and as we can see lot there's a stack

of electrical cables that I mean there's

no reason why actually that couldn't

have been fitted back down there and so

basically that's just idleness because

you know that could have been screwed in

in these positions here such as basic

idleness really and you will find that

but like I say I'm gonna keep going on

about them and keep stressing it but

under no circumstances ever be tempted

just to get a hammer so nails and start

knocking these bloody boards in because

it's gonna end in tears I'll tell you

that much

so I'm gonna flip this with a bowl of

stew room

another board over here what's the story

with this one yeah it's gotta now there

look there's no nail there same over


so that's that's what we hang this one

there's something going on underneath

there okay

I'm there is another red flag the other

red flag is the fact that we've got Ray

J so there we can see that a lot of

these boats have been good and because

it's so near rage Asia that's suggesting

to me that might be some pipes something

underneath there okay I mean look we're

going to just reset the camera and just

pull up a few of these work out what we

can what we can do with them and just

start sorting them out the best we can


in that direction as well

so we can see look if we just let pull

this up here there's a water pipe

okay so it's becoming quite clear isn't

it that leaves have clearly been lifted

for a reason and mr. so we just need to

be very very careful about what we're

doing so what we're gonna do I'm going

to obviously lift up all the thief

floorboards which links all creaking I'm

going to mark with a permanent marker

where I can actually fix them and we go

back and just secure these as best we