How to: Perfect Winged Eyeliner! (New Technique!)

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hey everyone so today I'm going to show

you a foolproof way of how you can

achieve that perfect winged liner every

time it's probably the number one thing

I'm complimented on and I've never seen

anybody do eyeliner the way all you do

it it's a really easy method and I hope

it will be beneficial to you all and

don't forget you don't have to just do

black eyeliner you can add some color as

well so bear that in mind and if you

want to see how I achieve this look then

just keep watching I'm using two

different mediums for this look first

felt tip liner pen because these are

great especially for beginners I'm

starting out by creating a series of

dots the first one I'm placing just

above the tear duct of the eye the

second I'm placing a mark just above the

start of my iris and then again the next

dot I'll be placing above my pupil no

dots two three four and five should be

along the same level as this will make

connecting the dots later on easier to

do before - I'm placing above the end of

my iris for dot number five I'm placing

a mark just where the wise where I ends

the last two dots you make your on two

ray is a little the next one I'm placing

just in the crease of the eye and then

the last one this is going to be the end

of your flick so you want to have it in

line with the end of your brow just open

it further from the last arch you place

down and then all you've to do is

connect the dots the first line should

be slightly curved I find easier to draw

once my heads tilted the next set of

dots should be easily connected because

they're all at the same height and in

the next line you want to draw a

slightly curved like a bump in the road

and then from that the next line should

just be a straight one to complete that

Kali shape you want to draw a line

angling from your lower lash line up

towards and your brow so that it joins

up with the line above

that's the hard work done now you're

going to work on filling in that shape

you've just created so I'm going to take

the felt tip pen on the side to fill out

the main part of the outline when it

comes to the cache I flick I'm just

using the tip of the pen and you just

want to repeat the process on the other

eye so just mapping out where your dot

should go once you've got done then you

want to connect all the dots together

and don't do this in one swoop take your

time with us because this is the main

outline that you're going to have then

once you've done that you're going to

fill in that shape placing the liner on

its side to get the best use out of it

and then using the tip for the end of

the cache I felt tip liners are great

but they lack the pigmentation of a

liquid or a gel I find liquid to be the

easiest method for me Bush a lot of

people prefer gel so just use whatever

medium you're comfortable with and go

over that outline and this is the

opportunity for you then to really

sharpen up that endpoint if you're

struggling filling in the line with the

liquid or the gel or you just can't get

that endpoint to be really nice and

precise going with some cotton buds the

pointed ones are the best for this look

and just use a little bit of a makeup

remover and clean around the edges to

get that really nice crisp line finish

off the look I added a pair of false

lashes and then applied some mascara to

blend my own lashes in with fast ones

and then that's it for this look so I

hope you enjoyed the tutorial and it was

easy enough free to follow if you liked

it please let me know by subscribing and

give me a thumbs up and I'll see you all

on my next tutorial