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hello and welcome to Vancouver carpenter

today we're going to talk about drywall

nails and where they should be used and

where they shouldn't and where they

shouldn't is most places about the only

acceptable use I can think of for them

is to nail on steel corner bead but we

wouldn't have a video if I didn't show

you why you shouldn't be using them so

what I'm gonna be doing is I have this

little mock wall in my garage I'm gonna

nail all the drywall on and I'm gonna

show you the problems that happen from

nailing on drywall so actually there is

one practical place to use them and

that's on the bottom of your wall the

reason is is it kicks up less dust than

using a drywall drill when you're

screwing off using a drywall drill what

it does the motor blows a bunch of dust

up in the air so actually going along