Installing Drip Edge On Your Roof!

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when it comes to screwdrivers the first

one I'm grabbing is my mega Pro this is

a new mega Pro shaft lock great tools

mega Pro welcome to pals toolbox today

I'm going to cover cutting and

installing drip edge on your house these

are two different types this is a type

that is on my house and this is what I'm

going to replace I'm going to show you

how to cut both of them this one is a

little bit more difficult to cut than

this one because it has more corrugation

in it the more bends the harder it is to

cut and the more bends the stiffer the

the metal is anytime you bend something

on metal and you crease it you'll

strengthen it when you corrugate it you

will strengthen it

so this one is stiffer and stronger than

this when it cost a couple dollars more

this one I think is like maybe three

dollars and this one's about five

dollars for a ten foot link very

inexpensive alright let's go ahead and

get started on this I'm going to show

you how to do an inside and an outside

cut and make this Bend first I want to

touch on a couple of tools you're going

to need in order to put this drip edge

up you really don't need much these are

aviation snips these are right-handed

aviation snips meaning they cut toward

the right you can cut a right circle

with this from here you just go like

this and you see how they curve that way

that that means they're going to turn

out this way and your trash is going to

go to the end so this is my left side I

cut this off the right and that's why I

call them right these are left you don't

necessarily need a VA ssin snips for

this you can use tinning snips these are

light tinting snips they're straight

cutters okay I can cut a tiny sliver

right off the end of here and get a

perfect cut it's nice and clean we can

start off with an outside cut with this

type of a of drip edge

this type of drip edge is very simple

it's just a 90 degree angle and then you

have yourself a little a little flare

out right here now I'm going to take my

snips I'm going to go ahead and make a

cut straight across the top of here okay

when you make this cut you want to go

all the way into the tip of it it has to

go really deep in there so you'll want

to make a V that way it widens it up and

it kills two birds with one stone

because you're going to have to take one

of them and bend over the other it bends

a lot better if you have this open and

I'll show you what I'm talking about now

I have this lined up with a perfect cut

now this right here is a little small

corrugation you can bend the small

corrugation but you will not Bend this

if I tried to bend this right now this

is going to kink so I'm going to have to

take this right here come down and make

that cut now we have that cut we can

just bend it right over and you'll get a

nice a nice corner okay

don't worry about this part here the

shingles are over it anyway this is how

it has to bend on this one you don't

have multiple bends so it's very easy

you're just going to make one cut right

here and bend it and I'll show you

except for your your V in the back take

my square I'm gonna mark a line and walk

the line here make sure it's all lined

up see I have my tiny line right here

I'm not cutting this part but I still

mark my line because that's where my

bend is going to be so I'll take this

and I'll cut it right here on that line

and get my straight cut first all the

way to the end then I'm just going to

cut a little bird's mouth out of it and

make sure you get all the way to the end

you take it bend it over and this can go

underneath here or on top and you see

you get a nice Bend when making an

inside Bend it's basically the same

thing you have to get that perfect line

then all you're going to do is make one

cut straight across here straight across

that line you don't have to make a

bird's mouth on this one because you're

going to bend this way

just like that now I'm going to take

another scrap piece and show you how to

make the bend on this one my inside Bend

on this one is going to be a little

different when you're cutting this stuff

you really should be wearing gloves I'm

only cutting one piece so I'm not

concerned with it but if you're cutting

your entire house you will get cuts on

your fingers if you're not careful with

this so I would suggest go ahead and use

your gloves okay first thing I'm going

to do is make my mark here and of course

you're going to make your mark across

here now

I'm going to take my snips and I'm going

to do it pretty much the same way as I

would an outside cut and you'll see

outside corner right here is my line I'm

going to cut it all the way to the end

if you can't get it all the way then you

can do a bird's mouth and then get to

there but you don't really need to do

that on this one what you're going to

need to do is cut this out though you

still got to get that and if you can't

get in there to do this which I can with

these snips

if you can't go ahead and make that

other cut now this is going to Bend into

it so in order for this to bend into it

I've got to cut a little section out of

here I'll cut this little corner right

out of there

now when you bend it goes straight into

the corner that gives you a nice clean

inside corner let's say you took and you

march your piece and you did exactly

like I said

you made a perfectly straight line and

you cut it you're going to bend it and

when you do it gets crooked you don't

have a straight Bend don't get

frustrated I really want to show you one

thing that makes this a lot easier what

you can do is get your line and once you

mark your line you come back and you cut

it straight just like I said take it and

put it on a piece of wood now it's going

to follow that wood when you bend it and

that's going to give you your perfect

angle every time all right let's get

into this you see where the nail is on

the drip edge this is a nail that was

backing out from the original roofer he

caught this in between the plywood and

the fascia and it didn't bite real well

so it's starting to back out that will

eventually push through my my roof if I

don't get it out so I'm going to take

that nail out and put another one in a

little further over this is my flat bar

and this is what I'll use to take that

nail out I stick it right under the head

and I'll hammer it down if I have to get

it underneath the head and then twist it

and it'll pull it right out if that

doesn't work if it's too hard to get it

that way

you have this hooked in you put that

down and then that will pry it out this

is how your shingles made these strips

right here this is tar when it sits on

there and the heat gets on it it'll make

it adhere really really tight so you

need to get this knife and scrape it in

there and knock that little seam loose

once you knock that loose you can pick

it up

these popped off really easily because

it was a rainy wet day today and it

really didn't get it's been cool for a

little while so now I need to get under

here and lift this up this is your

starter strip these bottom when this

first one right here is your starter

strip so

find my part where I have nail right

here I'm going to go ahead and take that

out what you have to do is you have to

get your flat bar in there and and this

is why it sometimes tears that up when

you take a note because that aluminum is

very very light you have to take your

hammer beat it a little bit take my flat

bar put it right in there

pry it up you can bend it twist it and

pull it up make sure when you get it

loose you do not pull it through the top

chamber so sometimes if it's stubborn

you can get it on the angle this way pop

it out now you'll do this along all of

your nails once you pull all your nails

out you can take this strip out


if I have someone helping me

I'll have them hold this and while I

tuck the other end in but I'm flying

solo right now so what I'm going to do

so tuck it in get it where I need to

over here let this run long and then I'm

going to cut my angle and bend it across

and that's the way I do it if I'm

putting a new roof on I'll just I'm up

top walking on the roof so I'll just

make my bending up top and then go down

I have run the slide it up there another

couple of inches so I'm going to just

slide it right out not all the way out

from there making sure it's still tucked

in there okay

I'm going to mark my lines right here

and cut it


I could have done this on the ground

measured it off it's just as easy for me

to do it this way make my straight cut

right here when you go to cut this make

sure you hold this piece up because if

you cut this Bend right here it's going

to fall and kink the whole thing so keep

it keep it off reinforce over here so I

got that cut now I'm going to make this

top Bend cut I'm going to go ahead and

cut this angle out or burn melt out now

I can just bend it over I have my Ben

make sure that I'm underneath my

shingles on both sides then I can shove

it back I see my shingle wants to lip

right here just a little bit I get it

tucked in make sure that I'm tucked in

over here to make sure you don't have

any obstructions you can bend this down

a little bit to shove it in it pushes

the shingles up and then you shove it in

nice fit now all I have to do is pop a

couple of nails in here I'll pull this

up and I'm just going to tack a nail

right into there if you can't get this

high enough with that starter strip you

can take this and you see how this is

tight right here this is what I was

telling you about

this isn't broken loose yet you take

your knife and shove it in there and you

can break them loose without tearing

your shingles these have been laid down

for quite a while so they're on there

pretty good see I can lift this one up

easier and just nail through my starter

starter strip and go right through my

starter strip and all on this so take my

nail once I make sure this is tight

against the fascia pop my nail in that's

it this isn't going anywhere I'll bring

it over to the end make sure that it's

tight all the way before you start

nailing if you nail it and it's on an

angle you're going to have a little bit

of a time because you got to pull that

nail back out and push this other end

over before I take this next strip and

put on here I make sure not to nail too

close to this end over here give myself

a little room because I have to slide

this one underneath this one when you do

your laps you want your laps to be away

from where your eyes are most of the

time so walk out of my house and I look

this way I don't want this seen this one

over lapping that where I see this edge

I want to have this going that way so

this lap laps over this one and you have

a nice clean line all the way down when

you get close to that other end this

one's going to lap over that so it's no

big deal

right here I have to tuck tuck this one

behind here

it's best to have two people when you're

doing this but I had just one little

length or two little lengths and I

figured I'd show y'all how to do it it's

real simple just make sure especially

with long lengths you don't push it on

this end and it's not going in all the

way and don't try to force it go over

there and see what's what the

obstruction is if you get it all clear

and it tucks in once it's tucked in you

put your nails when you put your nails

you make sure you do not go and put your

nails place your nails by the seams when

you lift it up the two sides of this

shingle you don't want to have it next

to the creases anywhere in that area

because water could possibly seep in

there get around this nail and and

you'll have a leak okay I'm done for


nothing to it a couple of pieces of drip

edge I have another video that shows how

to replace and fix your patient so check

that one out too

don't forget to subscribe talk to you




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