How to Install Quarter Round

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so now that we got the floor down what

we need to do then is cover up these

scenes and make sure the floor doesn't

pop back up that's where this comes in

this is quarter round it comes in eight

or ten foot pieces believe it even comes

in six foot pieces I had 10 foot and

that cut them down it's just this is

just pine you can buy it in anything

like heck you make your own if you want

to you can buy it an oak at one of the

box stores but this simple I've already

stained it up to match the floors how I

want it throw up those seams and hold it

down what you do is is do a nail gun or

a pin nailer and put some right in here

into the baseboard okay I went out and

cut out a piece and I'm gonna put it in

for you real quick and show you how you

gonna put it in just like that

just like that and then the other piece

right here will slide in right in there

like this you're just gonna bring your

pin nailer in right like this you're

done I wanted to show you this okay this

is the long piece right here and I

didn't have enough to finish out the

quarter round along this wall so what I

did is I made a butt joint here at a 45

degree angle and it pretty much just

disappears when you're walking by if you

go to put two pieces side-by-side it

creates an ugly scene this also helps

keep the the continuity of the quarter

round going

alright here we go with a little bit

music in the background just milled this

up oh look at that

whoa tell me you don't like that