How To Lay Carpet [Step-by-step guide]

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I'm going to show you how to lay carpet. The tools we need to get this done are a smooth

edge, hammer, hoop nails, knee kicker, a couple of trusty knives, and a staple hammer. I recommend

knee pads for safety. We'll also need under felt to finish it off, a ripple trim, and

obviously the carpet.

So to prep my floor, I'm going to need a floor scraper, a broom, and a vacuum to get my sub-floor

perfect. Now I'm going to get everything out of the way so I can get started. For best

results, I need a perfectly clean floor, so what I'm going to do now is getting rid of

any plaster dag, preexisting staples, and making sure the sub-floor is perfectly clean.

Basically now, I've done my floor prep. I can now just run the vacuum over. So I'm going

to continue with my prep now, while laying out my Smoothedge.

So Smoothedge is a product that you spread around the perimeter of your wall with nails

facing the wall, and that'll allow you to get better grip when you're installing your

carpet. So now I've got my Smoothedge spread out. It's now time to secure it to the floor.

So remembering we need a required space off the wall, so therefore I would suggest maybe

a finger. So now I've got my Smoothedge down. The nails are facing towards the wall. It's

time to secure it by hitting the heads of the nails down.

So now I've got my Smoothedge down. I'm going to secure it with more hoop nails. You can

use a single stick of Smoothedge, but for my preference, for maximum grip, I like to

double up and use two pieces of Smoothedge. To do that, I recommend you cut one stick

in half first, and that'll allow you to stagger your joints for maximum strength in your Smoothedge.

Then, come back with another full stick.