Easy Way to Install Door Trim

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hey guys time for the home craft

Chronicles here today on HG mm I'm going

to show you how to install this casing

on this store and since it's a project

for mere mortals I'm going to do it all

with hand tools this happens to be a PVC

casing but if you'd rather use wood

casing for this project you could do it

exactly the same way that I'm going to

do it and the best part about this is

there's going to be little or no

measuring okay so the first thing I'm

going to do is going to take a piece of

molding and I'm going to hold it tightly

against the hinge and then I'm just

gonna scribe a line this mark is now

what my reveal is


okay so what I do is I put my

combination square and put the face

against the jamb and line it up so the

end of this rule here is even with

describe mark I made

that's the reveal I want all the way

around say you have just a regular steel

rule or even a regular ruler put a piece

of tape on the end and then you hold it

up to where you made your pencil line on

the door frame line it up to the end and

then just take and make a mark where

that hits the inside of the door jamb

and now the distance from the end to

your pencil mark is your reveal so now I

just have to make that mark all the way

around you don't really have to get too

worried about doing it on the hinge side

because you're gonna line the molding up

against the hinges and that's gonna keep

it straight there put my finger where it

might tick mark is and then just make a

mark at the top a couple places or if

you do have a combination square put it

up against put your pencil at the end

and just run it right down the line here

so now that I have my mark all the way

around I gotta figure out where to cut

this so right up in the corner here you

can see my intersection and that is

where my miter is gonna be they put my

molding I have a straight cut on the

bottom I hold it against my hinges and

against my mark and I put a mark where

that intersects that top line and that's

gonna be where my miter is right like

that and then I'll just do the same

thing over on the latch side so let's go

make some cuts just like a mere mortal

I'm just gonna use it and miter box and

now I'm just gonna set it in place line

it up

and since this is a mere mortals project

I'm not going to get the nail gun out

it's gonna hammer and nails for me I got

it secured but I'm not gonna nail it off

yet because I still got to put the

header piece on you let me show you a

trick to that - okay I have the two

sides tacked on and I'm ready to put the

header piece on and rather than measure

it because I've told you we're going to

not measure on this one I have my miter

cut on one end and all I do is I set it

upside down and line up the two points

on the one side and then just mark it on

the other side that mark is the long end

of my miter so let me go get it cut and

then we'll see how it fits okay I gotta

cut it it fits just fine ordinarily if I

were using wood molding I would put glue

in this joint but since it's this PVC

I'm just gonna put a bead of caulk in

there to hold it in place

and fill any irregularities but other

than that this project Thun sole is just

let me get it nailed off now I just have

to go around my nail set and sink the

nails so I'm all done I just have to

caulk a little bit on the nail holes in

the joints and I'll be all set and ready

for a couple of coats of paint if you

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bunch more stuff just like it so until I

see you next time right here on HD mmm

my name is Todd from the home craft

Chronicles I'll talk to you real soon