How to Install Bevel Cedar Siding - Building a Shed Part 6

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hello friends my name is Christopher and

today I'm talking about installing

beautiful beveled cedar siding on a shed

cedar siding is the best this is part

six of a nine part series I'm doing for

this great big shed these are all deep

dives into specific topics that I

thought were important I do have a

longer feature length video of the

entire thing some different shots and

different explanations if you want to

check that out as well as a four-minute

time lapse video if you're in the mood

for something fun so let's dive right

into this I thought this was an

important one to talk about because when

I was looking at how to do this first

off it took us forever to decide we were

going to do this kind of siding and then

I thought well how do I properly install

beveled cedar siding or redwood siding