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Hey you guys! What's up it's me Katherine and welcome to my bedroom!

I'm pretty sure I've shown you guys

parts of my

bedroom before... but here it is again! Hi Steve Buscemi.

Anyway, for todays video we're going to talk all about callbacks

and my top tips to acing yours. Callbacks are

probably some of the top questions that I get asked on twitter and snapchat and insatgram.

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I feel like I've been doing that a lot lately...oops

Sorry not sorry!

A lot of you guys probably know that I did a video all about my top basic audition tips

It's a really really good foundation and it covers all the basics

So I'll leave that down below if you haven't checked that out

But anyways this video is kind of a follow up to that video.

So, it's all about callbacks

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But without any further adieu, lets get into my callback tips

First step! Lets talk about some R&R and I'm not talking about rest and recreation

Captain Phoebus, I love Hunchback so much, it's so good

I'm talking about reasearch and rehearsal

for research: Make sure you understand the material

Ideally you did some research before your audition

But now's the time to do even more or if you didn't do

any initially. Research the show, research the

source material so many shows nowadays

are based off of something else and understanding

And knowing that something else is really going to help you out

in the long run

Research the team that's producing the show, nowadays everyone is

All over instagram, twitter they have websites, they're on facebook

They have like pages whatever. At least one person

On the team will have their work somewhere on the internet

You just gotta dig a little bit

You can get some insight on how they work, who they work with

It's usually nice to have some insider info, plus it'll kind of

give you the upper hand and you'll feel a little more put together

If you know who these people are, don't let it intimidate you tho

And rehearsal, obviously the most important thing

about this callback is your material

that you are presenting, a lot of the times you will be sent your callback material

before the actual callback, you will almost always

have something from the score, sides to read from the script

and a dance combo to dance at the callback


Work with your coach on your scenes and songs, I understand that you might not always have

time or it might not be always

financially an option to book a coaching lesson

But, if it's a project that you really really want I'd really recommend it. Now a lot of people

get nervous for dance callbacks, because they don't really know

how they can prepare. If you had a dance call at the initial audition, try to remember

the combo

About half the callbacks I go on are the same material

from the audition. it's either just amped up, or lengthened

or sometimes it's the exact same thing

A quick tip for dancers and non-dancers alike

Understand the style of dance

You don't necessarily have to be the best dancer in the room, but

if you understand the nuance of that

style, you'll look 20 times better than the person who maybe is

just as good as you, but doesn't know it

Let's say you're callbacked for a show with a latin influence

Latin dance has a very specific look to it

If you can understand how to move your hips

If you understand the shoulder rolls, if you understand the energy

You' re going to look really good, even if you're not that

trained of a dancer, and this goes across the board

so make sure you understand the style and what it's supposed to look like

Tip number two: You did something

right in your initial audition, you wouldn't have gotten the callback otherwise

if they didn't see something there

So don't try to reinvent the wheel, if they give you a specific note

or an adjustment for the callback, definitely follow that

But, they called you back for a reason you did

something that they liked, don't make entirely

huge new choices, you can even wear the same outfit that you did

in the audition, I know a lot of people who like to wear the same thing that they wore

at their audition and callback

This is kind of a weird tip, but I made this mistake once and it stuck with me forever

so I'm going to tell you guys so you don't make this mistake

Get yourself REALLY AMPED UP right until you're warming up.

Really long story short, I had a callback

for a very very peppy high energy show

and I was watching one of my favorite sad movies

right beforehand, so I ended up still being kind of low energy,

and I was making all of my acting choices way too

introspective and real and that's not what

the show was

and that's just because my brain was still

in that mood, I should've hung out with friends

I should've listened to music and danced around my room

So keep that in mind. Tip Number three: I lost count I don't know

Here's another tip

I'm a trainwreck, I'm totally paraphrasing this quote from Tina Fey

There are not just auditioning you, they're auditioning YOU

as a person and your personality

They're not just hiring you to do a show. They're basically asking you to

be their best friend for the next six weeks

and hang out with them twelve hours a day and be there

until two a.m. for cue to cue. Have a good vibe

Radiate positivity, be someone that you want to work with

I'm so shocked with how few people do this

but always thank the panel after your callback

It's professional, it's kind and it puts your face

in front of them one more time

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I hope you guys are having a great day and I love you so much. Break a leg and

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