How to Install Beadboard or Wainscoting

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hi I'm Nils and today I'm going to show

you how to use some put some wainscoting

or feed board back we're going to do a

fairly inexpensive job here I've got a

half a sheet here of beadboard

from Home Depot or Lowe's these run

about twenty-one dollars a sheet four by

eight and you can have them cut it at

the store which makes a lot easier to

transport and you can get it to the size

you want we decided in our bathrooms to

go ahead and do four foot sections so we

just had them cut it in half and there's

a few options here of how you want to go

about this so one thing to keep in mind

is whether or not you have your

baseboard already installed and if you

want to leave installed so down here we

decided just to leave this installed and

we're going to put the wainscoting right

up to the top over it like so and then