Paint Your Nails PERFECTLY At Home!

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[SANDI] Hey! It's Sandi!

And in today's video,

Hannah will be showing you an updated video

on how to paint your nails perfectly at home!

She'll be sharing tips and tricks

on how to nail that perfect manicure!

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[HANNAH] Hi! Its Hannah!

Let's start with step 1,

which is removing any old nail polish and cleansing the nail of excess oils with nail polish remover.



For step 2, use a high grit nail buffer to give your nails a buff for a smooth surface.

This will help the polish to go on smoother without any bumps

and it's totally OK to give your nails a light buff every once in a while.

Wipe the nails with a cotton ball to remove any dust.


Next, apply a good base coat to help your manicure last longer

and protect your nails from staining.


Apply liquid latex as close to your nails as possible.