5 ways to stand out at an audition - for singers and actors

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hi guys

Madeleine Harvey here thank you so much

for joining me today in this video we're

going to be talking about 5 ways that

you can stand out at your next audition

so it's my hope that with a little

preparation and a dash of imagination

you're going to be able to walk into the

audition room totally confident and

ready to give the performance of a

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and to contact me so let's go ahead and

get started we all know that a great

audition consists of a great performance

but there's this whole mental process

that's also a part of the entire craft

of auditioning it's that process that

allows us to calm down to be easy and

very authentic in our energy and that

authenticity is the main component of us

standing out so all 5 of these tips are

going to allow you to practice tapping

into your own authenticity and giving

the very best audition that you can so

number 1 your talent is going to be

measured by your choices any casting

director will see about a couple hundred

people for sure for any specific role

and it's their job to find the most

perfect fit for that role but this

really weird thing starts to happen at

an audition and that's that the singers

or the actors kind of played a little

safe and when that happens they all kind

of give the exact same performance it's

this really weird Groundhog Day kind of

experience for the casting directors and

it gets incredibly boring the actors and

the singers are using the same

inflections the same pacing

exact same interpretations of their

character and again it gets really

boring for the casting director and

boring equals forgettable so what we can

do is spice things up a really good way

to do that is to take your script or

your song and read it line by line read

it aloud line by line until you feel

that each line is a thought that belongs

to you you own it it doesn't feel like

you're regurgitating material it feels

like it's your thought and you are

expressing it then you're basically

going to shift going to play with

shifting inflections to different words

that you find important within a given

line you can flip you can shift

inflections and you can shift pitch to

express it in your own authentic way and

that is what makes a casting director

look up and go that's different I like

that okay so if you're singing a song

you'll want to do this acapella by

dropping the melody line completely and

thinking of it as a monologue or a scene

instead of a song okay let's practice

this now give me five ways different

ways that you can deliver the line okay

let's do this okay okay okay okay okay

and play with that see see that's what

we did we expressed five very different

thoughts in one line so keep playing

with that because that's going to keep

your performance engaging and personal

in the audition room number don't

advertise your mistakes this is a very

very big one because it kind of

addresses that fear that we all have

that we don't talk about and that is

that something could go

in the audition room it's totally

possible but I know that you want to be

perfect but the thing with auditioning

is it's a living breathing evolving

thing right it's going to be very

different in the actual audition room

than it is in the shower or your car or

your room so try to be open for whatever

happens and go with that flow even

having the idea that your audition must

be perfect removes you from being that

cooperative component in the audition

room and you just start to watch the

audition like in your mind and kind of

delivering it like a robot and if

something happens that you don't like

you to like react to it it's really

weird this happens a lot casting

directors see that Oh an actor's face

distorts a little bit because they just

saw oh they just made a mistake

mmm I just saw that they just made a

mistake so what you can do again is try

not to react to your mistakes if you

make one go into your audition room

totally willing to just let whatever

happen happen because that's what

performing is right living breathing

thing just like life and what's the

biggest constant in life change it's

gonna be different so be willing to let

it be different just go with the flow

trust your self and if something happens

that wasn't expected ooh don't tell us

about it what's your face do not react

to it oftentimes again as singers or

actors we practice it a certain way so

if it comes out a little different huh


we feel like we just made a mistake but

the casting director didn't notice that

as a mistake so don't tell them about it

right on your face the best way to

practice this is in a mirror you're

going to look for subtle cues right here

that maybe tell on you did you distort

your face or are you reacting to your

sound is maybe a different way are you

fumbling over on this line your mirror

will let you know if you are kind of

subconsciously or inadvertently

the advertising that you're

uncomfortable or that you're giving a

mistake but either way go with the flow

and as you practice do not stop if you

stop in your practices you're going to

stop in the audition room and if you

stop that just basically tells the

casting director you're easily rattled

and you can't recover so go with the

flow practice it different every time be

willing to just let it play you instead

of it having to be perfect okay number

make a friend it's all intimidating this

one because we tend to be intimidated

right by the directors the casting

directors I mean we walk into that room

and there they are and they're looking

at us and we're like oh my gosh they're

looking at me or we we kind of go in

with a please tell me I'm good mentality

don't fall for it friends don't fall for

it yes that casting director is the

person with the power and yes they can

tell you you've got the role and yes

that could change your life but don't

separate yourself from them make a

actual human connection with that

casting director that's all they want

they're a person you're a person you

guys have something in common

you live life so go in with that

willingness to make a friend an actual

honest human connection when you can do

that mmm it makes the casting director

look up and take notice and remember you

as somebody who engaged them who talked

to them instead of talking at them and

the only way the only way you can really

do this is by really really feeling that

you are their equal

so whatever power you feel the casting

director has get over it come at the

audition being their equal they're a

person you're a person make an actual

connection really great way to practice

is by making small connections in your

everyday life so if you're at the

grocery store and you're waiting in line

make eye contact with the cashier ask

them how their day going smile at a

complete stranger with eye contact as

you guys pass by give a compliment to a

colleague at least once a day ask people

how are you doing what's new with you be

interested in them and that makes it

very easy to make that natural honest

connection ok if you can do this in very

small ways in normal life you can do it

seamless seamlessly in the audition room

when a little bit of pressure is applied

to the scenario number four I say this

in somber voice have no expectations I

know it's really hard to hear it's

really hard to hear oh because we want a

role right we want that role we get to

get that role we got to win oh but I'm

going to say this in somber voice you

have no control over if you get the role

or not mmm

hard to hear but that's the casting

directors job so go in be so prepared

that you can go into the audition room

confidently and you can make that

connection tell that really great story

and then leave letting whatever will be

to be you don't your need to win drains

you of power and it actually

communicates a really big insecurity to

the casting director so do not ask for

validation in the audition room by way

of is that okay I mean let me do it

again do you may try something else that

really screams insecurity so again your

job is to show up

so prepared that you offer the very best

you that you can offer and then leave

feeling that exhilaration of a job well


number five confidence this one's my

favorite it's my favorite because this

one comes from my willingness to be seen

to be her which is really weird isn't it

we've got to practice this somehow in

our day-to-day life because the way that

it masquerades itself in the audition

room is a big telltale of a classic

audition mistake where people just kind

of rush through you know their audition

material and then they kind of run out

of the room that is really weird because

it tells us that again you're not

comfortable with attention so a really

great way to get comfortable with

attention is to command attention in

your every day life now I don't mean

like walk out the front door and say

look at me look at me look at me or like

get in people's faces I mean stand tall

and be comfortable in your own skin and

understand that as you move around your

day that it's very possible that people

are going to look at you but feel

comfortable with that feel the ease in

that that that ease and your energy is

what draws attention that's what draws

people's attention to you and makes you

memorable so feel comfortable in your

own skin stand tall

express your thoughts eloquently proudly

clearly feel that natural pace in your

audition take your time be willing to be

seen to be heard feel comfortable with

that feel that ease in your energy

because that again is what gets people's

attention and that's what really makes

you memorable and above all as you stand

there in your audition believe wholly

that this is exactly where you belong be

proud to be who you are

because who you are it's the biggest way

that you can stand out thank you so much

guys for joining me today let's go over

let's review our five ways to stand out

we have number one your talent is

measured by your choices number two

don't advertise your mistakes

number three make a friend number four

have no expectations and number five

confidence I hope you've enjoyed today's

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